International Network

Artevelde University of Applied Sciences is proud of its international network! Thanks to our partner institutions within and outside Europe, we can organise valuable exchanges for students, lecturers and researchers, we enrich each other with our knowledge and cultures, and we collaborate to create all kinds of educational and social projects.

All our partners (universities, university colleges, NGOs, companies, etc.) were selected for their complementarity in terms of student and teaching staff mobility, educational and research approach, and opportunities for cooperation on social themes. We currently have 972 partners in 97 different countries: 259 higher education institutions and 713 internship partners.

These partnerships include:

  • VLIR-UOS funded programmes in Cambodia, South Africa, Ecuador, Rwanda
  • Strategic alliances with Ecuador, Canada, China, South Africa and Vietnam
  • Joint programmes in Canada, Austria, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark
  • Development aid in Nepal
  • Partnership with the Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance: Cambodia, Suriname, Zambia, South Africa