Why Artevelde University of Applied Sciences as an International Partner?

Acknowledged Quality

We are continuously making efforts to improve our educational offer and service range. These efforts were acknowledged when the committee of the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO) made a five-day visit to our university of applied sciences.

According to the committee, our great strengths include:

  • The social role of our university of applied sciences;
  • The quality orientation and guidance tailored to students;
  • Bringing all students in contact with scientific research;
  • The internationalisation activities;
  • The educational innovation.

International Mindset

Did you know that Artevelde University of Applied Sciences is the university of applied sciences with the largest international student mobility in Flanders? It shows. Nearly every classroom is a greenhouse for cross-cultural skills:

  • Thanks to the exchange of students and teaching staff, people of various nationalities can meet and spontaneously learn from each other;
  • International and intercultural competences serve as the guidelines for determining our learning objectives;
  • We communicate extensively about our international projects and achievements, in order to encourage more and more students and staff to discover the world;
  • Whatever we do, we always do it from an international mindset.

Tailor-made Guidance

Naturally, we do not only support our students in terms of internationalisation. Studying is a challenging undertaking, so we insist on offering both our Flemish and our exchange students the
best support in all possible domains. Our experienced advisers and coaches support students in achieving their goals, but they also offer them a shoulder to lean on. We offer personal guidance in domains such as:

  • Choice of study programme and orientation;
  • Admission requirements;
  • Student finance;
  • Study methods and study progress;
  • Social-legal support;
  • Psychological counselling;
  • Studying and entrepreneurship.

Focus on 21st-Century Skills

Global citizenship is a 21st-century skill we attach great importance to. However, the current society also faces many other challenges. We provide our students with the necessary tools
so that they can actively contribute to this ‘new’ society, through the focus on:

  • Research skills;
  • Sustainable development;
  • Digital literacy;
  • Co-creation;
  • Self-directed learning;
  • Entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Artevelde University of Applied Sciences fosters and applauds entrepreneurship and creativity. We help our students and staff to come up with their own ideas, to develop concepts and to be innovative through various initiatives:

  • Idea Factory: Idea Factory supports students in developing their vague ideas and putting them into action. It points out important issues to starting entrepreneurs and brings them into contact with the right people.
  • Student-Entrepreneur Status: Students who combine their education with their own business are granted the student-entrepreneur status. This ensures that they have enough room to combine the elaboration of their idea with schoolwork and exams.
  • Artepreneur: If combining their own business and studying is a step too big, students can appeal to Artepreneur, so they can make all the preparations with an easy mind and build up a start-up capital to set up their business as soon as they graduate.
  • Start to Start: Start to Start is a must for those who want to be well-prepared before taking the leap into entrepreneurship. After the course, students obtain the business management certificate recognised by the Flemish Government.
  • Creative Weeks: Each department organises a creative week in which students and lecturers are challenged to give their creativity free rein, to examine current problems with a fresh look, and to take a close look at innovation in their sector.

Based in Ghent

Artevelde University of Applied Sciences’ eleven campuses are spread across the city of Ghent. With its 70,000 students, it is the largest student city in Belgium. It is impossible to imagine Ghent without its students cycling in the streets, studying in libraries and cafés, meeting with friends over drinks or a nice meal in the local or student restaurants ... Ghent has it all: comfortable living, first-class education and many leisure activities.

However, Ghent is much more than just a student city. “It is one of Europe’s greatest discoveries – small enough to feel cosy but big enough to stay vibrant”, writes Lonely Planet. And the travel guide is absolutely right. Ghent has something to offer to each and every visitor. The city boasts a unique mixture of architecture and contemporary events, museums of international repute, an impressive range of gastronomic choices, green parks and spectacularly fun nightlife. We have a rich past, and we’re dreaming of a bright future. That’s why the city aims to be climate neutral by 2050.