Choosing for an inclusive society

Artevelde UAS distances itself from the Vatican statement on homosexuality. This statement is not only harmful to an open, inclusive society, but foremost it hurts people and communities close to us. We support the resolute condemnation of this statement by Bishop Johan Bonny.

Together we create tomorrow's world. We are open to challenges, we stimulate innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity. But most of all, we embrace diversity in all its forms as a driving force for resilience and growth for our students and staff members.

From our Christian values, we build a habitat that focuses on connection. We create an open community, and take care of everyone, regardless of orientation, gender, colour, ability, and ideology. That is how, in an open dialogue, we give meaning to our social project, in which diversity and identity matter so much.

We coach every talent towards growth. At Artevelde UAS, we are strongly committed to hospitality, warmth, thrust, deep respect for every person, tolerance, and participation. Being committed and authentic towards others, turns us into inspired and innovative education providers, researchers, and global citizens.

These values is also spread by our students and staff members. They are part of our identity, and shape our university culture. It is within this value framework, that we, as an inclusive, warm UAS, welcome all students and all staff members and offer a variety of development opportunities.

As makers of tomorrow's world, we build an inclusive society, where everyone has the opportunity to develop as a person.

Tomas Legrand