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Student Support on every campus, a Student Support staff member for every department!

Do you need a chat, do you need financial support, has your laptop just crashed or is there something else going on where you need advice?
Then you can always contact the staff member of The Office of Student Support (Stuvo).
Please send an email or call to make an appointment on campus. You can find our contact details below.

Where can you go in the evenings, at the weekend and during the holidays? There is an extensive range of telephone and chat support: click here for an overview.

Questions about the study grant of the Flemish Government?
You can start an application for the 2022-2023 academic year as of 2 June 2022. Create a profile via > go to digital office > register with the app Itsme or your eID reader + ID card.

Questions about an advance on your study grant or the payment of your tuition fee?
Mail your question to

Do you prefer to discuss this personally? Make an appointment with your Stuvo Staff member on campus.

Curious about how Stuvo can support you? Take a look at our offer 'Student facilities' and 'Tailor-made guidance'.

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Who is your Student Support staff member?

Make an appointment or contact us by phone, email or Teams.

Primary Education

Campus Brusselsepoortstraat

Lien Segers

09 234 80 32


Nursing, Midwifery and Dental Hygiene

Campus Kantienberg

Charlotte Goddeeris

09 234 74 33


Business Management, International Business Management, International Organisation and Management, International Communication Managment and International Journalism

Campus Kantienberg

Ann-Marie Van Noten
09 234 94 18


Organisation and Management, Business Management

Campus Kantienberg

Ira Kerkhove ( on maternity leave from 1/09/2022)

09 234 77 44


Communication Management, Journalism, Organisation and Management, Business Management

Campus Kantienberg

Julie Nowé (Substitute Ira Kerkhove)

09 234 90 28


Occupational Therapy, Audiology, Speech Therapy, and Podiatry

Anske Verhaaren
09 234 71 49


Secundary Education, Associate Degree in Education

Campus Kattenberg

Tine Vanveerdeghem

09 234 81 55


Secundary Education

Campus Kattenberg

Ellen Deblander

09 234 80 33


Graphic and Digital media, International graphic and Digital media

Campus Mariakerke

Lien D'Hondt

09 234 95 82


Early Childhood Education, Preschool Education

Campus Sint-Amandsberg

Sara Raemdonck

09 234 88 61

Social Work

Campus Sint-Annaplein

Sonja De Wilde

09 234 94 19


Information Management, Social and Cultural Work, Social Educational Care Work

Campus Zwijnaardsesteenweg

Ann Lambert

09 234 74 34

The Office of Student Support

Campus Hoogpoort
For general questions, you can also call 09 234 92 30.

Housing department

Campus Hoogpoort
09 234 92 10

Technical problems and defects in the student houses?

food supply

Koen Vermeulen
09 234 92 12

Reception therapists

Campus Hoogpoort

Leen Hiels

09 234 92 18


Campus WAT
09 234 92 40 and 0474 49 23 31

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