It is our job to provide qualitative education in these difficult times, but also to guarantee the safety of our students and staff on campus..

At the moment, code red applies in higher education in Flanders.

Measures in code red

The general framework is set out below. The practical implementation is announced by your department at all times.

Learning and studying

  • Distance learning is the norm for most educational activities
  • Only a very limited number of specific teaching activities can be organised on campus.
  • Our campuses will remain open with limited accessibility.
  • Distance and hygiene rules, and mandatory use of face mask still apply on campus:

8 basic hygiene measures for good behavior during the fight against COVID-19


As a warm UAS, we fully commit to enable safe authentic contact between students and other students and students and staff.
How? You can read all about it here.


  • Internships and workplace learning are possible, provided it is allowed by the internship location or workplace. Download your certificate for essential journeys during curfew hours here (for students).


  • Is studying at home difficult for you? Students who need a quiet place to study are welcome to use one of our safe and quiet study spots on campus. Check the offer here.
  • Are you worried about the course of your academic year, or do you need a talk? Our Student Support staff members are there for you in these unusual times!


We sincerely wish you a speedy recovery should you be infected by the coronavirus, and all the best if you are in quarantine, or if you are taking care of someone who is ill.

  • For students and staff: Read more on the COVID-19 special status here.
  • Complete this form if you are getting tested.