COVID-19 measures for staff

It is our job to both provide qualitative education in these difficult times and to guarantee the safety of our students and staff on campus.

At the moment, code red applies in higher education. From 29 March additional measures apply.

Measures and agreements in code red

The general framework is set out below. Your expertise network, department, or office will work on these principles and will inform you of the practical implications at all times.

Learning and studying

• Distance learning is standard for most educational activities
• A very limited number of specific teaching activities can be organised on campus.
• Our campuses are open with limited accessibility.
• Distance and hygiene rules, and mandatory use of face mask continue to apply on campus.


  • Internships and workplace learning are possible, provided it is allowed by the internship location or workplace. Download your certificate for essential journeys during curfew hours here (for students and staff).


  • Research and development-related activities can physically be carried out at an external location, depending on the initiator's regime.
  • Our campuses will remain open, so minimal presence of staff is required. However, telework is the norm.


  • We have invested in peripherals to support online teaching and we are working on a laptop policy for staff.
  • You can find all available manuals on My Dinar. You are not on your own. Departments and offices provide further support for online work and teaching.


  • We focus on digital interaction between people. This will be further shaped by every department and office.
  • You are welcome to work on campus if you have difficulties working from home. Discuss this with your superior.


We sincerely wish you a speedy recovery should you be infected by the coronavirus and all the if you are in quarantine, or if you are taking care of someone who is ill.

  • Students can apply for a special status COVID-19.
  • Need quarantine? Then hand over the quarantine certificate from your GP to the Personnel Office. Contact your superior regarding the organisation of teleworking during quarantine.
  • Do you have to get tested for COVID-19? Let us know by completing this form.

Your department or office will inform you at all times of any changes that may affect you.

Internal information concerning the measures is gathered on our intranet (My Dinar). Check this page regularly, as this contains the most up-to-date information.

To the COVID-19-page on My Dinar

Any questions concerning COVID-19 and our measures?

Contact the Head of your office or department, or the head of Business Administration in your expertise network. Or ask your question to the coronavirus core team, via

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