Campus Goudstraat radiates art and culture. Students and lecturers feel well at home in the creative heart of Artevelde University of Applied Sciences.


Goudstraat 37 (Willem de Beersteeg)
9000 Ghent


☎ 09 234 80 00


On foot

Campus Goudstraat is about a fifteen-minute walk from the Gent-Dampoort station.

By public transport

From Gent-Sint-Pieters station: take tram 4 towards Gentbrugge Moscou to the stop ‘Sluizeken’. Go on foot via Krommewal to Goudstraat or take bus 55 to the stop ‘Sint-Jacobs’. You can then walk through Ottogracht to Goudstraat.

From Gent-Dampoort station: take bus 3 towards Mariakerke Post to the stop ‘Steendam’ and walk through Baudelokaai to Goudstraat.

By car

  • If you come by car, best park under Vrijdagmarkt.
  • From 1 January 2020 onwards, Ghent will banish the most polluting cars from its city centre. Campus Goudstraat lies within the borders of this new 'low-emission zone' (LEZ). Petrol cars that meet the Euro 2 standard (Euronorm 2) or higher are allowed in the inner city. Diesel cars are obliged to meet the Euro 5 standard (Euronorm 5) to be allowed in.
    Read more about the low-emission zone here.


The campus is located in the middle of the old but lively city centre of Ghent. You can have a drink on Vrijdagmarkt or Vlasmarkt, browse the flea market in Bij Sint-Jacobs square, relax in Baudelopark or enjoy the historic and cosy streets of Patershol.


  • Nemrod ballroom and foyer
  • Specific equipment for educational activities about art and culture