Kattenberg is home to the Bachelor of Secondary Education. About 2,000 students attend classes at this campus and many further training programmes are organised here.


Kattenberg 9
9000 Ghent


☎ 09 234 80 00


On foot or by bicycle

From Gent-Sint-Pieters station, the walk to campus Kattenberg takes just over fifteen minutes. By bicycle, the route will take you five minutes. There is a large roofed bicycle park on campus.

By public transport

From Gent-Sint-Pieters station: take tram 1 towards Evergem or Wondelgem to the stop ‘Veergrep’. Go on foot via the Kannunikstraat and the H. Metdepenningenstraat towards our campus.

From Gent-Dampoort station: take bus 34, 35, 36, 70, 71, 72, 76, 77 or 78 to the stop ‘Heuvelpoort’. Then, walk via Charles De Kerckhovelaan towards Kattenberg.

By car

  • If you come to campus Kattenberg by car, you best park below Sint-Pietersplein.
  • From 1 January 2020 onwards, Ghent will banish the most polluting cars from its city centre. Campus Katteneberg lies within the borders of this new 'low-emission zone' (LEZ). Petrol cars that meet the Euro 2 standard (Euronorm 2) or higher are allowed in the inner city. Diesel cars are obliged to meet the Euro 5 standard (Euronorm 5) to be allowed in.
    Read more about the low-emission zone here.


Campus Kattenberg is close to Sint-Pietersplein, Citadelpark and the bustling student district of Overpoort. Due to its favourable location, the campus is surrounded by many coffee bars and sandwich shops. It is ideal for students who want to relax a little between classes. Culture enthusiasts can indulge their passion in Arts Centre Vooruit, the S.M.A.K. and the Museum of Fine Arts at a stone’s throw from Kattenberg.


  • Library
  • Certain practical classrooms accessible to external perons
  • WiFi