Online Open Day on 2nd September

Are you interested in one of our programmes? Or maybe you are exploring multiple options? Our online open day of September the 2nd is the perfect moment to get to know our (international) bachelor programmes, teachers and campuses. We'd love to see you!

During our online open day (from 15 until 20h.) :

  • you can attend an online info session for the programma of your choice
  • you can video chat with our teachers and students who will answer all your questions
  • you can explore our campuses with a virual tour

Our open days of 2019-2020

On which campus will I find my study programme?

Business & Management

  • Business Management (Bachelor) › campus Kantienberg
  • International Business Management (Bachelor) › campus Kantienberg
  • Office Management (Bachelor) ​› campus Kantienberg
  • International Office Management (Bachelor) ​› campus Kantienberg
  • Accounting Administration (Associate Degree) ​› campus Kantienberg
  • Marketing (Associate Degree) ​› campus Kantienberg

Communication, Media & Design

  • Communication Management (Bachelor) ​› campus Kantienberg (Please note: not campus Leeuwstraat!)
  • Bachelor of Graphic and Digital Media ​(Bachelor) › campus Mariakerke
  • Journalism (Bachelor) ​› campus Kantienberg
  • Computer Programming (Associate Degree) › campus Mariakerke

People & Society

  • Early Childhood Education (Bachelor) ​› campus Sint-Amandsberg
  • Social Work (Bachelor) ​› campus Sint-Annaplein
  • Information Management: Library and Archives (Associate Degree)​ › campus Tinelstraat
  • Social Work (Associate Degree) › campus Tinelstraat
  • Remedial Education (Associate Degree) › campus Tinelstraat
  • Socio-Cultural Work (Associate Degree) › campus Tinelstraat
  • Flemish Sign Language Interpreting (Associate Degree) › campus Tinelstraat


Health & Care