Discover Ghent

Ghent is situated in Flanders and is only 30 minutes away from Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, the coast, France and Holland. With its 70,000 students, Ghent is the largest student city in Belgium.

Campuses across the city

The university and university colleges’ campuses are spread across the city, which enlivens the atmosphere. It is impossible to imagine Ghent without its students cycling. With its university and four universities of applied sciences, Ghent is able to offer a wide range of study opportunities. Ghent has it all: living, nightlife, first-class education and many leisure activities. The language spoken in Ghent is Dutch, the language of twenty million Dutch and Flemish people.

A cultural attraction

Ghent boasts a unique mixture of architecture and contemporary events, museums of international repute, impressive gastronomic choice, and spectacular good nightlife. It has an agreeable charming inner city where cosy corners alternate with pleasant and busy shopping streets. Ghent combines medieval grandeur and modern consciousness in a natural and above all, modest way.

Students enjoying the local gastronomy and nightlife

Moreover, the city is a cultural attraction with its important music and film festivals, as well as its varied theatre and performance scene. For every traditional theatre, there are five small, independent venues and for each commercial cinema complex, there are two art house cinemas. The music scene is alive and original, with many international bands playing in Ghent and at the Belgian festivals, all year round.

Climate neutral by 2050

Ghent has some exciting plans for the future: it wants to be climate neutral by 2050 and it is one of the SDG voices to promote the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. However, Ghent knows this cannot be realised without YOU! Everyone should be involved: you, me, every institution and company ... Ghent aims to become the commons city of the future! Read the brochure about sustainability.

Student using public transport