Studying in Belgium

The academic year in Belgium starts in September and consists of two semesters, the autumn and spring semesters.

Academic year

The Autumn semester lasts till the end of January, and the spring semester starts on the second Monday of February and lasts till the end of June. Both periods consist of educational activities, including evaluating learning outcomes and the examination results' announcement and debriefing. Students who fail to pass in the first and second examination periods may enrol for the third examination period, which runs from the middle of August to the middle of September.

Holiday periods

  • Christmas holidays: 2 weeks at the end of December and the beginning of January
  • One week between the first and the second semester
  • Easter holidays: 2 weeks in April
  • Summer holidays: 10 weeks, starting in July and ending at the end of September (the second examination period is included here)

Student services

You can find more info about housing, insurance, and transport on the student services pages.

The educational system in Flanders

Around 75 % of secondary education students progress to higher education in Flanders. Half of them decide to study at a university of applied sciences.

But how does the Belgian educational system compare to your country's educational system?

Infographic about the flemish educational system

Will I receive a college or university degree?

When you finish a degree programme at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, you will receive a college degree.

Do I have access to a master's programme after the degree programme?

Depending on your degree programme, you'll have access to several other degree programmes.

When you receive your Bachelor's degree at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, you'll have access to a master's degree after finishing a transfer programme. This transfer programme will consist of no more than 90 ECTS points.

Our university of applied sciences is a member of the Ghent University Association. This allows our students to quickly progress to a further course of study at one of our local partner institutions, such as Ghent University.