• Start your online enrolment

  • Additional documents required ( if applicable)

  • Finalise your enrolment

  • Check whether your study programme has an inflow procedure

  • Special study track? First contact your Study Track Manager.

STEP 1: Start your enrolment online for academic year 2022-2023

For academic year 2022-2023 you can start your online enrolment.

You can check the admission requirements here.

Start your online enrolment

Enrolments are done online. If you need any assistance or when you have a particular question, do not hesitate to contact us on 09 234 90 10 or send an email to studentenadministratie@arteveldehs.be.

Payment of the tuition fee will be done online as well. Upon enrolment you will receive an email with further instructions. First you will need to pay the fixed fee. This amounts to €115.80 for a grant student and €253.60 for an almost or non-grant student. In October you will pay the rest of the tuition fee. All information about the tuition fee can be found here.

Contact a Student Support staff member if you have any questions about the grant amount or other financial questions.

    Additional documents required (if applicable)

    In the cases below, additional documents are required:

    • Did you obtain your diploma of secondary education and/or higher education before 2005? Load them into your online enrolment or email them to studentenadministratie@arteveldehs.be ;
    • Are you a (partial) grant student? Then you should email proof of last school/academic year to confirm that you were then entitled to a (partial) study grant. When registering at Artevelde UAS, a Student Support staff member can assess whether you are eligible for a study grant based on the tax assessment notice (income 2018, fiscal year 2019). If so, you can immediately enrol at a reduced price;
    • You do not have a secondary education diploma and you want to start at Artevelde UAS, click here for more information. When enrolling, remember to email the statement of admission (valid for admission procedure + admission exam) + the proof of the exploring session (= only applicable for the admission procedure completed by our Study Track Manager) to studentenadministratie@arteveldehs.be or upload the documents to your online enrolment;
    • Do you choose an English study programme? Email proof that you meet the English language requirements to studentenadministratie@arteveldehs.be or upload it directly to your online enrolment.

    Check whether your study programme has an inflow procedure


    Some study programmes make use of an inflow session. This is a mandatory session, not aimed at selecting you as a student or not, but to find out together whether the chosen study programme is right for you.

    These study programmes make use of an inflow session.


    If you want to enrol in a teacher training programme (Preschool education, Primary education or Secondary education) then you have to take a mandatory entrance test throughout Flanders. You can find more information about this entrance test and where and when you can take it here. Load it into your online registration or email it to studentenadministratie@arteveldehs.be

    Special study track? First contact your Study Track Manager

    Do you wish to request exemptions or follow a shortened track? Starting in distance learning or via a SWITCH study track? Want to study via a credit- or exam contract or start in February?

    In all these cases - and only in these cases - you should contact the Study Track Manager of the study programme prior to your enrolment. You can find an overview of the Study Track Managers per study programme here. Together you determine your curriculum.

    Start your enrolment online for academic year 2021-2022

    You can still enrol for academic year 2021-2022. Please contact your study track manager.