Cost overview - studying in Belgium (FAQ's)

What can I do if my tuition fee is not correct when re-enrolling?

Send an email to the Office of Student Administration and they will check this for you.

Am I entitled to a study grant?

Depending on your nationality or residence permit ànd the income of your parent(s) or your own, the Office of Student Support can check whether you are eligible for a study grant from the Flemish Community and make a calculation.

Please note: The study grant is not available for advanced bachelor and post-graduate programmes.

You should personally apply for the study grant of the Flemish Government, please contact the Office of Student Support for more information.

A Student Support staff member can assess whether you are eligible for a study grant based on the tax assessment notice (income 2021, fiscal year 2022). If so, you can immediately enroll at a reduced fee;

If afterward, it turns out that you are not entitled to a reduced tuition fee, after all, you will receive an additional invoice.

In addition, Student Support also provides financial support itself: for example, you can obtain an advance on the study grant, an additional or replacement grant, or an interest-free loan. Be sure to contact a Student Support-staff member if you have any questions about financing your studies.

Check (Dutch only) for more information.

How can I pay the tuition fee (safely)?

Both the first tuition fee and the re-registration payment can only be done online using Bancontact/Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or of iDEAL

When paying online, always keep in mind the rules of safe payment. Some tips:

  • We will never ask for personal details such as the PIN code of your card;
  • All our email addresses end in;
  • Always check hyperlinks in e-mails before clicking on them;
  • Always paste the URL into your own familiar web browser;
  • We always use a secure connection for transactions. This means you will see https instead of http at the beginning of the hyperlink.

Flemish students, EEA students and non-EEA students whose Belgian residence permit remains valid after 1 November: You will be asked to pay the tuition fee online by payment card.

Non-EEA students who will stay in Belgium with a student visa: You will be asked to pay the processing cost in the course of your application procedure. At the time of official enrolment, your processing cost will be converted into your tuition fee. This means that you will not have to pay any tuition fee upon enrolment in Belgium.

What is the tuition fee?

You can find the tuition fee for academic year 2022-2023 in the tables below:

  • for Flemish students, EEA students and non-EEA students whose Belgian residence card remains valid after 1 November.
Fixed Per ECTS Total amount for full-time study programme
(60 ECTS)
Non-scholarship students € 253.60 € 12.10 € 979.60
Almost-scholarship students € 253.60 € 4.70 € 535.60
Scholarship students € 115.80 € 115.80

* Supplementary costs such as course books, costs for housing, etc. are not included.

For academic year 2022-2023 the tuition fee for non-EEA students who will stay in Belgium with a student visa is:

Fixed Per ECTS Total amount for full-time study programme
(60 ECTS)
€ 1700 € 85

€ 6,800

What is the average cost for studying in Belgium?

The total study cost depends on several different elements. The registration fee plays a major role: are you a grant student, a partial or non-grant student? Are you going to rent a student room or do you opt to commute?

Research has shown that one year of study for those renting a student room costs between € 3.500 and € 4.000. Those who commute can save up to half that amount. Depending on the programme chosen, you should provide a budget of €250 to €350 for the purchase of study materials. Then you should add any supplementary costs for additional literature, specific equipment, work materials and so on.

You can find more information regarding the study cost here or on the ‘funds for students’ site.

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