Get those dusty running shoes out of the closet and warm up your muscles: our Campus Run is back! The route of this third edition takes you through a few of our Artevelde campuses and the lovely Ghent city centre. Young or not, couch potato or marathon champion? Everybody is welcome!
The academic year 21-22 consists of a well-thought-out combination of lessons on campus and online learning activities, in which we optimise the time spent on campus. If necessary because of the epidemiological situation, we will switch to more online lessons.
On 3 February 2022, the International Business Management and International Organisation and Management programmes organise an online Inspiration Day.
All incoming foreign students, regardless of their means of transport, must complete the PLF at the earliest 48 hours prior to their arrival in Belgium.
Artevelde University of Applied Sciences welcomes her fresh international students on the 16th of September 2021.
Artevelde UAS distances itself from the Vatican statement on homosexuality. This statement is not only harmful to an open, inclusive society, but foremost it hurts people and communities close to us. We support the resolute condemnation of this statement by Bishop Johan Bonny.
He can have Donald Trump say whatever he wants and no one will even notice that it is actually fake. Flemish expert Chris Umé is among the world's best when it comes to deepfake. Using this technique, he manipulates videos so they appear lifelike. On 11 March, Umé will give a guest lecture at his studio to show our journalism students how he works and what possibilities the technology has. This guest lecture is held as part of the subject Media Innovation by lecturer and creative producer Elke Gyselen.

We fully commit to a smart combination of activities on campus and online learning activities (also known as 'blended learning').
The recent rise of the coronavirus has obviously had an impact on the further organisation of the academic year. After an internal consultation with all offices and bodies involved, we have decided to maintain the Blended Learning Plus scenario.
Face mask obligation expanded to student district
3ID LABS is an international semester programme which can be attended by Bachelors, Masters, PhD students and employees. The innovative program started in 2018 and received student satisfactory rates varying from 8,5 to 8,9 since then.
Per Christian Eggen Mjøs wins the Ghent Marathon. Per Christian is an exchange student from Norway who is currently enrolled in our Artevelde Business School.
Ready for Freddy? Register here for the welcome day for international exchange students?
Last week, several Artevelde University of Applied Sciences lecturers and staff members visited Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK). Mission? Exchanging knowledge and experiences with European colleagues.
Last week, a delegation of 114 Belgian athletes participated in the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi. Several Audiology students accompanied them, so they could offer the athletes a hearing screening.
Ten Business Management students from the International Entrepreneurship specialisation went on a trade mission to Thailand, together with students from other (foreign) universities of applied sciences. The objective? Exporting products from their clients to Thailand.
The New Yok Times spent 36 hours in Ghent, "an often overlooked Flemish city: canals, spires, cobblestone streets and some of Belgium’s best food and design".
The rectors of the two largest Ghent university colleges, Artevelde University College Ghent and University College Ghent, call upon their students and lecturers to participate in the climate march in Ghent on Sunday 24 February. "Not only to show that we take these climate issues seriously and that there is an urgent need for action, but also to show policymakers that we would like to help find solutions," says Tomas Legrand, rector of Artevelde University College Ghent. "It's important that we do this together with the professional field, the citizens and other stakeholders," adds Koen Goethals, rector of University College Ghent.
Interreg 2 Seas just approved our new European research project in collaboration with international partners from Belgium, the Netherlands, France and England. The project consists of different tracks: job coaching for people with cancer, a training programme for HR professionals, and a toolbox for companies. 
On Thursday 31 January, Artevelde University College Ghent will hand out certificates to fifteen students, as a reward for their hard work in the excellence track 'Aim for Die Sterreweg'. Every year, this unique project offers a different team of students the opportunity to improve childcare for special needs children in South Africa.
"Nowadays, many vulnerable people who need a pro bono lawyer don't know where to find them. They have to follow a difficult route to obtain all the necessary information and start the procedure. This needs to change, and that is why we developed EzLaw. The platform helps vulnerable people to get into contact with a pro bono lawyer in order to shorten the start-up period for a pro bono case", says student Eva Daelman, one of the driving forces behind EzLaw.
The internationalisation of higher education is booming: more specifically, the number of incoming international students, exchange students and multilingual students with a migration background is on the rise. Artevelde University College Ghent organises more and more courses, semesters, study years or even entire study programmes in a foreign language. Lecturers who want to prepare or gain more advanced knowledge on teaching in English in an international classroom often have very specific questions.
Knowing how to work efficiently in a multicultural environment is not only a great asset to your résumé, but it is also an exciting life experience. The current 3ID Labs group experienced this very clearly right from the start.
For many years, Artevelde University College Ghent (AUC) and Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK) have been good partners. Not only have we been exchanging students and staff from various programmes for a long time, but since this academic year, we also cooperate very closely in 3ID LABS: a brand-new educational project in which students from different disciplines, different countries and of different ages spend a semester working together on a solution to a complex social problem using the principles of studio learning and design thinking.
While we were sleeping the night of 9 to 10 November, twenty Business Management and International Business Management students were tackling a global problem. Not by themselves, but together with 150 students from fifteen universities and university colleges, spread all over the world. Via large screens and online tools, they joined forces to come up with creative, sustainable and financially viable solutions.
Over the past few weeks, language experts may have spotted the hashtag #reallyrealgrammar on Twitter. The hashtag was introduced by our Bachelor of Secondary Education, in the English course. The intention is to draw attention to (bad) grammar in the streets.
Are you planning a (study) trip to China? Have you landed an internship in a Chinese company? Or have you just always wanted to learn Chinese? Now is your chance!

On 10 September 2018, Artevelde University College launches its brand-new curriculum 3ID Labs. Via the principle of studio learning, an international group of students from diverse study programmes will collaborate during one semester to find the solution to a complex social problem. No auditoriums, no assignments or courses, but learning through teamwork and design thinking.
From 1 to 3 July, the International Academy for Research in Learning Disabilities (IARLD) organised a conference on learning disabilities at Artevelde University College. We received a range of experts from all over the world to have a look at the most recent research developments on learning disabilities, and to introduce our guests to our lovely city.
Three years ago, our Bachelor of Occupational Therapy launched a joint degree programme in cooperation with FH Wien University in Vienna and Metropolia University in Helsinki. The first students with a double degree have now graduated.