4 times Summa Cum Laude for 3ID LABS

3ID LABS is an international semester program that focuses on high-performance teamwork in super diverse teams (international, interdisciplinary, various academic degrees, different ages, several different professional experiences, etc). All cases students work on have a social impact. 3ID LABS can be attended by Bachelors, Masters, PhD students and employees. The innovative programme started in 2018 and received student satisfactory rates varying from 8,5 to 8,9 since then.

3ID LABS address key strengths/areas such as the new way of learning and the sense of community with a focus on growth mentality. Students of different ages, discipline, and culture come and join in a motivating and instructive atmosphere focused on self-education.

Here’s how a 3ID LABS student describes the programme:

3ID LABS make you think critically, in a structured way from the first step to the last, motivate you to think out of the box, teach you to work with dynamic teams from different backgrounds, to be patient in every situation and to be self-assured and stress-resistant.

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