Artevelde University College Ghent develops small private online courses (SPOCS) for lecturers who teach an international classroom

The internationalisation of higher education is booming: more specifically, the number of incoming international students, exchange students and multilingual students with a migration background is on the rise. Artevelde University College Ghent organises more and more courses, semesters, study years or even entire study programmes in a foreign language. Lecturers who want to prepare or gain more advanced knowledge on teaching in English in an international classroom often have very specific questions.

To provide an answer, as part of an educational innovation project, the Artevelde University College Bachelor of Office Management and the Office of Educational Development and Internationalisation co-created an online professionalisation course for lecturers.

The course consists of four modules, each treating one challenge brought by the international classroom: (1) dealing with divergent expectations, (2) teaching students with different (native) languages, (3) from diverse cultures, (4) with various educational experiences.

You can find the SPOCS on our website.

On 19 November 2018, this educational innovation project received ‘the outstanding poster award’ from Imran Uddin, Director of Education and Student Policies.

Would you like to get more information on this or other educational innovation projects, please contact Hilde Van Puyenbroeck, Head of the Office of Educational Development and Internationalisation, or consult the overview of all projects (in Dutch).