Artevelde University College Ghent Leads European Project on Cancer in the Workplace

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It is often said that there's a life "before" and "after" cancer. There's also a "during": doctors, hospitals and treatments. But why don't we think about working with cancer? Live to work. Work to live. Suddenly, the words sound different.

Today, on World Cancer Day, we want to focus on cancer in the workplace. Thanks to improved screening methods and better treatment options, there is an increasing number of cancer survivors. This has an impact on people, on their lives, on their environment. It is important for people with cancer to remain at work because this promotes social interaction and provides them with an income, but especially because it gives them structure and a sense of control.

Research Project Supported by Interreg

This is the focus of our newly approved European research project in collaboration with international partners from Belgium, the Netherlands, France and England. The project consists of different tracks: job coaching for people with cancer, a training programme for HR professionals, and a toolbox for companies.

Unfortunately, too few people with cancer return to work within two years and they have a much greater chance of being unemployed. Currently, there is not enough support for employees and employers to do something about this. Furthermore, no knowledge is exchanged between the medical world and employers: doctors don't always know how intensive their patient's job is and employers are not always aware of the impact of cancer treatment on their employee.

Together with its international partners, Artevelde University College Ghent wants to tackle this issue.

Do you want to learn more about this EU-funded Interreg project I-KNOW-HOW (acronym for Integrated KNOWledge and coaching service to support people with cancer in How to remain in Or return to Work)? Please contact Veerle Opstaele, research coordinator: