The recent rise of the coronavirus has obviously had an impact on the further organisation of the academic year. After an internal consultation with all offices and bodies involved, we have decided to maintain the Blended Learning Plus scenario. This scenario already involved a more cautious approach than that imposed by the government in the case of code yellow. In the event a switch to COVID-code orange is required, only some minor changes to our current approach will be required.

Blended learning Plus

As an engaged, warm university of applied sciences we consider authentic contact between students, between staff members, between students and staff members to be vital. The Blended Learning Plus scenario meets this need, taking into account the legal frameworks and of course, always keeping safety in mind. So we are aware that, in the future, we may have to switch  to code orange temporarily by making these  minor adjustments.

We continue to follow the measures as agreed regionally, in the Crisis Centre of Ghent, following directives of the Risk Assessment Group. This Crisis Centre has agreed on code yellow. This means that we keep the desired distance on our campuses, follow the hygienic measures, and use mouth masks to move about on campus and whenever the distance rules cannot be respected.

To provide our practice-oriented education with every opportunity in these special circumstances, we are using 50% of the capacity of our campuses. That is how we make an effort to offer every student purposive and qualitative time on campus, combined with distance learning.

Continuous monitoring

We continue to follow the guidelines of the National Security Council, and we continuously monitor the corona developments. To be able to react swiftly should a COVID-19 infection occur among our staff or students, we will briefly describe the procedure that applies. All our students and staff members should follow this procedure strictly.

1. Have you been tested positive or has there been any suspicion of infection? Then you should inform the university of applied sciences as soon as possible. We will make sure this information is treated confidentially .

2. You can inform the UAS by calling your department secretariat or the general number. Our staff members will run through a report form by phone with you in order to outline everything as quickly as possible. 3. In addition, you can also notify the UAS online via this internal notification form.

4. After an internal consultation with our Health and Safety office and your Head, among others, you will be contacted by your department to make further arrangements. 5. You can find the complete reporting procedure on My Dinar. These guidelines are in conformity with the GDPR legislation.

TIP: Are you a student and would you like to check the corona measures for your own department? Then be sure to consult the intranet (Dinar).