All incoming foreign students, regardless of their means of transport, must complete the PLF at the earliest 48 hours prior to their arrival in Belgium.
He can have Donald Trump say whatever he wants and no one will even notice that it is actually fake. Flemish expert Chris Umé is among the world's best when it comes to deepfake. Using this technique, he manipulates videos so they appear lifelike. On 11 March, Umé will give a guest lecture at his studio to show our journalism students how he works and what possibilities the technology has. This guest lecture is held as part of the subject Media Innovation by lecturer and creative producer Elke Gyselen.

We fully commit to a smart combination of activities on campus and online learning activities (also known as 'blended learning').
The recent rise of the coronavirus has obviously had an impact on the further organisation of the academic year. After an internal consultation with all offices and bodies involved, we have decided to maintain the Blended Learning Plus scenario.
Face mask obligation expanded to student district
3ID LABS is an international semester programme which can be attended by Bachelors, Masters, PhD students and employees. The innovative program started in 2018 and received student satisfactory rates varying from 8,5 to 8,9 since then.
Ready for Freddy? Register here for the welcome day for international exchange students?
The internationalisation of higher education is booming: more specifically, the number of incoming international students, exchange students and multilingual students with a migration background is on the rise. Artevelde University College Ghent organises more and more courses, semesters, study years or even entire study programmes in a foreign language. Lecturers who want to prepare or gain more advanced knowledge on teaching in English in an international classroom often have very specific questions.
Last week, Anne-Marie was honoured during the EUPRERA congress in London.