International Entrepreneurship Students Examine Export Possibilities in Thailand

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Ten Business Management students from the International Entrepreneurship specialisation went on a trade mission to Thailand, together with students from other (foreign) universities of applied sciences. The objective? Exporting products from their clients to Thailand.

On Saturday 2 March, ten students in International Entrepreneurship from Artevelde University of Applied Sciences and accompanying lecturers in Business Management Eef Scheerlinck and Heidi Vervaecke went on a trip to Thailand to explore the market there, just like real consultants. Highlight of the trade mission was the international trade fair on 11 March. After doing a lot of desk research, this fair was a real treat for the students.

“This was a unique project to guide and organise as a lecturer. No school assignments but the real deal: the students got to expand their network, practiced their communication skills in a pitch, had to leave their comfort zone, applied international entrepreneurship in practice and worked on their intercultural competences. This will look great on their CV”, says lecturer Eef Scheerlinck.

Companies from East Flanders

In total, the students represented no less then 26 Belgian and Dutch companies, among which some companies from East Flanders like Contractify, specialised in contract management via a cloud-based software solution, jewellery designer Nancy Allewerelt and lingerie giant Van de Velde. The students helped these companies among other with their plans of exporting to Thailand.

Cultural Differences

“The trade mission offered a unique experience for the International Entrepreneurship students to get familiar with a different culture's market", says student Bram Vergauwen. "We tried to find companies that were interested to buy the international collections of high-end jewellery designer Nancy Allewerelt. Further we searched for influencers to create brand awareness. Cultural differences are very important in Thailand. Proper coaching and a predetermined market research are the main reasons we can look at the results we achieved in Bangkok with great pride.”

It was the fifth time such a trade mission was arranged via the cooperation between Belgian and Dutch universities of applied sciences from the Businet network. Flanders Investment & Trade was an important partner during this trade mission. Last week, a trade mission to Durham took place, where Business Management students were joined by students in Graphic and Digital Media.