Learn How to Work in a Multicultural Environment (3ID Labs)

Learn How to Work in a Multicultural Environment

Diverse and Active Team

Knowing how to work efficiently in a multicultural environment is not only a great asset to your résumé, but it is also an exciting life experience. The current 3ID Labs group experienced this very clearly right from the start. The diverse group of fifteen people mainly consists of students, but also includes four highly educated migrant participants. The ages vary between 21 and 53 years. Together, the group speaks an impressive ten languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Latvian, Arabic and Farsi.

Challenge and Personal Development

Naturally, this diversity is reflected in everyday activities. The reactions to ideas, the ways of perceiving certain habits and the cultural differences are all factors that challenge the group to think in different perspectives. Putting yourself in each other’s shoes may sometimes be difficult, but it inevitably will make you a more open-minded person.

‘In the group, not only do you become more aware of your habits, but you also learn to appreciate how others do their tasks (Robbe, 23)

The group voluntarily took on responsibilities such as organising weekly team meetings, team-building activities and, of course, parties. All of these activities enable them to develop different skills.