New Platform EzLaw Directs Vulnerable People to Pro Bono Legal Aid

3ID labs artevelde university college

"Nowadays, many vulnerable people who need a pro bono lawyer don't know where to find them. They have to follow a difficult route to obtain all the necessary information and start the procedure. This needs to change, and that is why we developed EzLaw. The platform helps vulnerable people to get into contact with a pro bono lawyer in order to shorten the start-up period for a pro bono case", says student Eva Daelman, one of the driving forces behind EzLaw.

EzLaw was developed as part of 3ID Labs, a new educational concept at Artevelde University College. In this semester programme, an international and interdisciplinary group of students spend three months working on a solution to challenging and concrete social problems.

21st-Century Skills

"In order to develop EzLaw, five students spent a semester collaborating intensively. We provided the necessary support and guidance during feedback moments, but the delineation and realisation of the concept were entirely in the hands of the students", say coordinators Lieven Desomviele and Isabelle Vandevyvere.

Students who choose 3ID Labs don't attend any traditional classes in advance; they themselves take action to gain knowledge and to request classes (impromptu teaching)."By taking matters into their own hands and asking feedback from fellow students, coaches, experts and lab masters at well-timed and self-organised moments, the students acquire important 21st-century skills: self-directed learning, adopting an inquisitive attitude, entrepreneurial thinking..."

A second group of 3ID Labs students developed a tool that matches highly skilled migrants with Belgian companies looking for talented people. The third team designed a platform that helps young people in detention to obtain a diploma more easily via the central examining board: Eduflix.

Own Business

"The students themselves are the owners of their solution. If they want to, they can fine-tune their prototype and bring it to market. In this way, 3ID Labs is an excellent stepping stone to their own business", the coordinators conclude.

We are very proud of the achievements of the students, who presented their projects to the public in De Krook last week, to conclude the first semester of 3ID Labs. The international semester programme will start for the second time in February. More info and enrolment via the website.