"We were amazed by how much respect the students showed"

Students in Oxford New College

Students of the Bachelor of Secondary Education visit elite school in Oxford

It wasn't easy for Elyse and Marike, two students of the Bachelor of Secondary Education, to receive the opportunity to visit the New College private school in Oxford. In a preceding letter to the headmaster, they had to explain why they thought they should visit the school. And it paid off.

"The visit was part of the traditional Oxford excursion with the third-year English students," English lecturer Katelijne Devoye explains. "After the approval of their motivational letter, we headed for New College with the girls. There, they gave a presentation and did a quiz about Belgium with the students."

No sense of elitism

"The students always raised their hands and waited for us to give them a sign before they answered. We haven't seen anything like this before during our own teaching experiences, and we were amazed by how much respect they showed," Elyse and Marike said.

However, there was no sense of elitism, as you sometimes see in the movies. The school devotes a lot of attention to motivational teaching: "In some classes, students were even allowed to take off their shoes, because studies have shown that this improves their concentration!"

A letter to the headmaster

Afterwards, Elyse and Marike wrote a letter to the New College Oxford headmaster to thank him for the visit and to share their experiences. Curious about their story? Read the letter here.