What is the Covid-19 procedure for our international students?

1. PLF – Passenger Locator Form

All incoming foreign students, regardless of their means of transport, must complete the PLF at the earliest 48 hours prior to their arrival in Belgium. After submitting the PLF, you will receive:

- a confirmation email with a QR-code. You will be asked to show this code when boarding.

- a text message with a code you can use for a test on day 1. You have to get tested before you leave, so you can ignore this.

- a text message with a code for a test on day 7.


Students are not required to fill out a PLF if:

- they come to Belgium with their own transport (e.g. car, motorcycle).
- they were abroad for maximum 48 hours, or will stay in Belgium for maximum 48 hours.

This applies for instance to Dutch students who participate in an exam and then return home.

2. Test upon departure

The incoming students must have a negative test result, from a test that was taken not earlier than 72 hours prior to their departure to Belgium. They will not be allowed to board a plane if they have a positive test result.

Additional information - Remember: The document with the test result must be readily available for inspection, either on paper or in digital form. The document must be written in Dutch, French, German, or English. The document the traveller or carrier has drawn up for intermediaries states:

  • A negative test result.
  • The date of the sample: the document is valid for 72 hours from that date.
  • Only PCR tests for SARS CoV-2 that are PCR-approved are accepted.

(The fast antigen test must be included in the following list: Listes des tests antigéniques autorisés par les autorités françaises pour (…) - France in the United Kingdom - La France au Royaume-Uni ( ambafrance.org ))

  • The analysis must be done in an official laboratory in the country the traveller departs from, and certified by a doctor or Biological pharmacist (equal to NIHDI).

The following tests are not accepted:

  • RT-LAMP.
  • Serological tests.
  • The test result must be inspected before the carrier leaves the departure country (if the carrier is not the passenger): if the document is not available, the passenger will not be admitted. For persons arriving in Belgium by their own means of transport, sample checks may be carried out.

3. Declaration of Honour

From 27 January until 1 March 2021, non-essential journeys to and from Belgium are prohibited. Travelling for the purpose of study is considered an essential journey, and therefore remains possible.

When you travel, you must be able to present a declaration of honour indicating the purpose of your journey to Belgium (being: study). This declaration of honour needs to comply with a set of formal requirements. The FPS Interior has provided a standard form, which you can download here. Please mind: if this is a regular journey, you should check the box on top of the form. Otherwise, you will need a new form every time you make the journey. As supporting document, you must print your certificate of enrolment from the Digital Administration Office.

4. Quarantine upon arrival

All incoming students who will stay in Belgium for more than 48 hours are considered 'high-risk contacts' and must quarantine upon arrival for at least 10 days.

5. Test after quarantine

A test is required on day 7 of the quarantine. This test can be done at AZ Jan Palfijn. You must make an appointment yourself at the test centre via https://gent.testcovid.be/en/. To make the appointment, you need:

- the activation code which you received via text message
- your BIS number. You can request your BIS number from the international office of your higher education institution. The students themselves make an appointment and bear the costs of this test (around €47).

It is possible that you do not receive a text message with a code to get tested on day 7. In that case, you must make an appointment in a different lab. Follow the step-by-step plan on DINAR.

You must quarantine for 10 days.

Please complete the UAS report on DINAR form once you have the test result.

• If the test on day 7 is negative, you can end quarantine on day 11. You must remain alert for COVID-19 symptoms for another 4 days.

• If the test on day 7 is positive, you must self-isolate for another 10 days.

Do you become ill, or do you develop symptoms during quarantine? Then let us know via corona@arteveldehs.be

More information about the Covid-19 measures​