COVID-19 Measures

All information concerning our COVID-19 approach.
Last update: 8 July 2021

Code red

With additional measures from 19 April 2021

Artevelde University of Applied Sciences (UAS) currently operates in code red. As of September 2021 we change to code green, so many lessons wil be organised on campus. The academic year 2021 – 2022 will consist of a well-thought-out blend of both in-person lessons on campus and online learning activities.

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COVID-code red with additional measures

Our educational approach and planning are affected by the COVID measures. We want to keep everyone well informed about the current situation and any expected changes.
We closely collaborate with the competent governmental authorities and educational networks, so we can respond quickly if necessary.


The general framework is set out below.

  • Further communication about the practical implications for students is organised by the departments.
  • Staff members receive further information from their expertise network or Head.

What does this mean in practice?

What to do in case of (suspected) infection?

You should inform the university of applied sciences as soon as possible. We will make sure this information is treated confidentially. You can find the complete reporting procedure on My Dinar (accessible for students and staff). With these guidelines, we comply with GDPR legislation.



  1. Call us, or complete the online form.
    By telephone: call your department secretariat or the general number (09 234 90 00). When you call, one of our staff members will run through a report form with you to get all useful information.

    You can also notify the UAS by filling out this online internal report form.

  2. After an internal consultation with our Health and Safety office and your Head, you will be contacted by your department to make further arrangements.

Measures in code red

In code red, practice-based teaching on campus is only possible to a very limited extent and under strict conditions. Artevelde UAS does everything in its power to enable contact on campus, as far as this is feasible within the current restrictions.

Most important measures:

  • Distance learning is the norm for most educational activities.
  • Only a very limited number of specific teaching activities can be organised on campus.
  • Our campuses will remain open with limited accessibility.

On campus always:

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