Campus life next year: what to expect?


The academic year 2021 – 2022 will consist of a well-thought-out blend of both in-person and online lessons. This will help all students to quickly connect with their programme, fellow students, and lecturers.


As we are starting in code green, many classes will take place on campus. Furthermore, Artevelde UAS continues its blended learning approach, so we will also organise online activities. 


Don't worry. During online contact time, you will get plenty of interaction with your lecturers and supervisors. You will train your self-management and your ability to work digitally through online learning, during which lecturers can be reached via chat or e-mail. Certain lectures will be recorded so you can (re)watch them at home.


Campus life

The libraries are open.

If all goes well, we will start the academic year in code green. That means there will be no restrictions concerning capacity, and group work will again be possible. Therefore, the library will no longer solely function as a quiet study area.

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You can turn to the Office of Student Support for: student finance, psychosocial counselling (individually and in groups), information on the student status, low budget sport and culture, housing (rent and advice), budget-friendly meals, low-priced bicycles.

The Artevelde UAS sport offer starts from the 4th October 2021 according to the measures that will apply then. We will work with reservations, so that a safe distance is guaranteed when exercising.

You can find more information on our sport offer on

The student dorms remain open according to the measures that will apply then. We hope to begin the academic year 2021 – 2022  in code green. This would mean we could return to normal student dorm life.

Need a laptop?

To work and study from home, you obviously need a laptop. With your student card, you can buy one at a reasonable price in the following stores: 

Of course, you are free to buy a laptop elsewhere.

Internship or studies abroad

Artevelde UAS wants to make international mobilities possible again in a safe manner. Depending on what the National Security Council decides and the local COVID measures at your desired destination, you can leave to do an internship or to study abroad. Artevelde UAS opts for a differentiated approach, whereby each department assesses what the situation is like at your desired destination on a regular basis, and close contact is maintained with local partner organisations. This contact determines whether an internship or study exchange is possible. Internationalisation Officers from your department will inform you of all decisions that would affect your mobility.

Additional guidance

Whether you follow the course @home or @campus, you can always contact our coaches to ask questions. You can find all information on tailor-made guidance on

Our Student Support staff members are there for you. They gathered a bunch of tips and tricks to help you through this period. From financial worries up to a reliable Wi-Fi connection and coronaproof activities, you can read all about it here.