Health and Care

Research and development up to implementation. From a profound curiosity towards innovation and optimisation of care. Inspired by the strength of the caregiver, with respect for the care user and triggered by the human side of technology. Inclusive and multidisciplinary care, lifelong and life-wide. We listen to the challenges of the caregiver, care organisation or enterprise, and together we create tomorrow's care. With a relevant and effective result!

Research in the spotlight

Healthy and active ageing

We live longer, and preferably in a healthy and active way. In this research line, we search for ways to support caregivers and to improve the quality of life of elderly people.

Immersive VR Simulation

70% of the errors in healthcare are human errors. This is often due to inadequate collaboration. In our Immersive Room, interdisciplinary teams can practise in a safe and authentic work situation.


Manifold and long-term use of sound by means of in-ear or on-ear headphones may damage the hearing. We checked when the safe level is exceeded, both for children and adults.

About the Health and Care Research Centre

We are committed to inclusive and multidisciplinary care: lifelong and life-wide. We are focusing on eight topical areas, from research over development to implementation. Caregiver, care organisation or enterprise? We listen to your challenges and together we create tomorrow's care. Whether commissioned by or together, and with one commitment: the result must be relevant and impactful.