We have already established some fine collaborations, commissioned by, or together with partners. Discover some of our nice creations here. Got a research question? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Some collaboration examples

NeuroInsights: Empowering Parkinson patients in a personalised care path (speech analysis)

At the request of the NeuroPath company, we develop an AI-based platform to connect the daily lives of Parkinson patients with interdisciplinary teams of caregivers and clinicians.

Prevention finder in Ghent: local prevention offer available for caregivers

Together with the City of Ghent, Care Council Ghent, and LOGO Ghent, we develop an intelligent and searchable tool mapping out the local accessible prevention offer.


For future research projects we are constantly looking for partners active in the sector. Interested in collaborating with us? Please contact us!

Are you an entrepreneur of an SME or a social profit organisation? Thanks to Blikopener of the Flemish Agency Entrepreneurship and Innovation (VLAIO) we can support you without any obligation in your search for solutions to practical problems or questions. We put our practice-oriented research results and experts at your disposal. Do you have a question or would you like to collaborate?

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About the Health and Care Research Centre

We are committed to inclusive and multidisciplinary care: lifelong and life-wide. We are focusing on eight topical areas, from research over development to implementation. Caregiver, care organisation or enterprise? We listen to your challenges and together we create tomorrow's care. Whether commissioned by or together, and with one commitment: the result must be relevant and impactful.