We engage in diverse forms of collaboration with our professional sector for research and innovation. Varying in intensity, flows of financing, term, and finality: Collaborative Research Agreements, collaborations via co-financing or with external project funding, collaboration via participation in design sessions, advisory committees, etc.

Some collaboration examples

Prioritary further training: high five!

In this two-year track, together with school teams, we set to work on comprehensive reading via sustainable school development.

BLES – learning and playing outdoors

BLES builds playgrounds in co-creation with students and teachers. Via natural, dynamic, and adventurous elements, we research how we can challenge children and adults to play and learn.

Waddist app

Artevelde UAS and De Ambrassade created the Waddist app. Children and youths from 12 to 30 years old can use this app to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences every day. There is a lot of talk about youths, but not so much with them. Waddist wants to change this.


Our VRIJPLAATS is a research space that builds bridges between education and society. In our central workplace on campus Kattenberg, we provide a room for consultation and meeting. We strive for co-creation where every team member, whether it is a student, lecturer, or external partner, has an equal voice.

RouteZ: self-directed learning professionalisation tool

Artevelde UAS, Scholengroep 20, and Scholengroep Adite joint hands in the development of a professionalisation tool for school teams to support teachers in their teaching practice with respect to self-directed learning in a powerful learning environment.


For future research projects we are constantly looking for partners active in the sector. Interested in collaborating with us?

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Are you an entrepreneur of an SME or a social profit organisation? Thanks to Blikopener of the Flemish Agency Entrepreneurship and Innovation (VLAIO) we can support you without any obligation in your search for solutions to practical problems or questions. We put our practice-oriented research results and experts at your disposal. Do you have a question or would you like to collaborate?

About the Education Research Centre

The mission of the Education Research Centre is the creation of innovative, integrated, and connecting learning spaces, where everyone can excel in their talents, corresponding to the competences for the 21st century.