International Communication Management

Third year taught in English*, 180 ECTS, 3 academic years, shortened study track is possible, Campus Leeuwstraat


What Can I Expect in the First Year? (taught in Dutch)

In the first year, you develop a solid basis, due to course units like Context and Strategy. While doing integrated projects, we don't only offer you exactly the knowledge you need at that moment, you also apply the theory, of course supervised by experienced lecturers. That way, you get to experience really soon what a communication manager has to deal with.

Whether you are learning about marketing and marketing communicationadvertisingpublic relations,government communication or online marketing: everything you learn is useful and can be applied (immediately).

You have a decent amount of languages in your curriculum (Dutch, French, and English) and an introduction to economicssociology and psychology, but always from the perspective of communication. Therefore, languages are theoretically substantiated as well as oriented towards practice; in psychology you learn among others what consumer behaviour entails, and in Law you find out why you cannot just put a photo online.

How Many Lecture Hours Will I Have?

On average, you have 23 lecture hours every week. You also have to do work off campus: make assignments and exercises, prepare lessons, study, ... We also organise a course unit called Workshop: ideal to express your creativity. All combined you will invest around 45 hours in your study per week.

How will classes be organised?  

For the general contents or introductory courses you may have lessons in groups or online. For courses and projects where you get active you will work in smaller groups.

And the Second Year? (taught in Dutch)

The second year continues from the firm basis you acquired in the first year. During the course units Strategy, Office and Context you will be immersed further in the current (digital) communication world. Here, the focus is on  research and strategy, but a lot of attention goes to current events, storytelling, office management and ethics. All this is brought together in integrated communication projects that put the theory in practice: it's up to you to apply your knowledge. 

Together we will develop your talents and you can choose to complete certain contents in a different language. The new course unit Production reveals all about the practical approach and technical peculiarities of a creative project or event. You are well on the way to become a real professional!

What About the Third Year? (taught in English) 

In the final stage of your programme, you will dig deeper into the many aspects of communication; you will develop into an allround communication professional. The integrated projects get more numerous and more profound. 

And especially: this year is completely taught in English!

You also get to work for a real initiator, even more than before. Guest lecturers and company visits will open your view on the professional field. The crowning glory will be your internship. That will also personalise your track. You decide on your internship location: preferably abroad (of course, no?), but you can also opt for a domestic internship in an international context. This gives you the opportunity to specialise and give yourself a professional identity. 

Do you consider yourself a spokesperson, or do you excel in writing? Do you see yourself as a creative campaign developer, or do you want to exploit your commercial flair? Do you focus on government communication, or is brand communication rather your speciality? These are just a few of the choices you have to make ...


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