International Communication Management

Third year taught in English*, 180 ECTS, 3 academic years, shortened study track is possible, Campus Leeuwstraat

Our Approach

A third year in English? Absolutely! More than ever, the field of communication is international. With this study programme, we look abroad, we coordinate theory and practice as much as possible, and we offer you lots of opportunities for personalisation.

With real-life practical cases, guest speakers and an internship, we will turn you into a professional ready to enter the world of communication. An extensive offer of communication courses, supplemented by languages, current events, economics, psychology etc. will give you a solid and broad basis. Gradually you can personalise your programme so you get to study exactly what interests you.

For us, every student is foremost a person. Your talents are key: together we aim to fully develop them. Once you have obtained your degree, that will be your calling card. However, it is your effort and profile that will allow you to open certain doors.

Unravel the Secrets of Brands

How does a company communicate with the world? What strategy is behind it? What is the role of marketing? Is sexy advertising good advertising? How can you improve the image of a brand? As a graduate you will know the ins and the outs. In the world of brands, media and marketing, you will be the expert who makes the best use of websites, social media, print, radio, TV and other channels.

Prefer a Less Commercial Career?

No problem. Organisations and companies are in need of good relations with many types of audience: neighbours, customers, journalists ... If you decide to study International Communication Management, you will discover how you can construct relations in a socially responsible manner: from a strategic vision and based on all sorts of practical skills.

How can you develop a sponsorship policy? How can you respond to crises? How can you organise events? How can you act as a spokesperson? Or what does a government communications officer get to deal with? Every question demands a tailor-made campaign.

Read more? Make sure to have a look at the list of courses you will take! (available in English)  

Practice is never far off. When we do exercises, we start from real-life situations companies have to deal with every day. That way, we are well prepared for the labour market.