International Communication Management

Taught in English, 180 ECTS, shortened study track possible, Campus Leeuwstraat

Quality teaching

Learn from experts in communication

You will be taught and inspired by experienced communication professionals who feel passionate about their area of expertise. We frequently invite international guest lecturers on the latest topics.

Kristine De Smet

Kristine De Smet is lecturer in PR & reputation management, and coach for the graduation project. She is also the owner of communication agency Link Inc, specialised in strategic communication, reputation management and branding for the non profit and governmental sector. Formerly, during 10 years she has been the head of the Communication & Marketing Department and spokesperson of Artevelde University of Applied Sciences.

"The key to strong PR and reputation management? A strong sense of purpose and authenticity. PR-models and techniques are useful resources, but what really counts is to stay consistent with the why of your organisation. Let your why, your purpose, be your compass in both good and bad times."

Marijke Dierickx

A former innovation manager who’s got her heart set on teaching, mainly focussing on UX/service design, digital marketing/storytelling and social studies. Besides working at Artevelde University, I’m also founder & passionate entrepreneur at my own creative communication agency.

"To me, being a teacher mostly means being a listener. I choose empathy over judgement and always strives for synergy."

Els Van Betsbrugge

I’m a Lecturer in Strategic Communication Management, I hold a Master‘s degree in History and a Master's degree in Communication Science (UGhent). I started my career in the business sector as a marketeer at MCC (Brussels) and at E5-Mode (Sint-Niklaas). In 1991, I started at Artevelde University College Ghent as a lecturer in media relations and communication management. I became case coordinator in 1994. Between 1995 and 1997 I (re)wrote the curriculum for Public Relations for undergraduate courses in Flanders that was been accredited by VHLORA (now VHLUR) Brussels in 1997. My main topics of interest are Strategic Communication management, Corporate communication and PR, Internal Communication and Brand management. Nowadays I mainly teach in the International Programme of the bachelor in Communication Management (ICM) and am an active member of VONK (former BVIC), C-Square and Euprera.

Jan Jorissen

Me in a nutshell: close to a decade in experience. Eager, enthusiastic, and energetic. Coach, creative, circumlocution expert. Apparently almost always alliterating.

"If a pill existed that would instantly give me all the knowledge in the world, I wouldn’t take it. It would make me miss out on these moments of exchange that I have come to appreciate so much. I learn as much from you, as you can (hopefully) learn from me."

Georges Bloemen

Georges is an energetic brand propeller with a proven track record in media, strategy, content, creative and client management. A generalist by nature and specialist by design, he started working as a journalist and editor but was quickly lured into media and communication, working for organisations such as Bayer, the European Commission, Exxon Chemical, Procter&Gamble, eBay and ZESPRI. Rely on him for lightning speed empathy, combined with a broad helicopter view and a keen eye for long-term ROI.

Georges maintains his yearlong vocation to share his knowledge with students of different university colleges. At the Artevelde University of Applied Sciences he teaches Professional Skills, International Brand Management and Graphic Communication. He also serves as a coach for students doing internships.

"Taking your work seriously need not translate into self-seriousness." (Nelson George)

Bea Paelman

As an English and German lecturer, who spent quite some time in these countries, I am happy to coach the students during the course “International Communication Context” during the first semester.

"Go international, open your windows and doors!"

To guarantee the practicality of the study programme, we collaborate with communication agencies, such as Duke & Grace.

Experience new teaching methods

We teach you the theory and let you practise it immediately. Learning by doing, if you will. For instance in our course, Media Factory, you will have a playground to apply all the facts and skills you learn in other courses throughout the year.

You will get the chance to work on real-life challenges in international and interdisciplinary teams. Every year companies submit cases for students to work on. Provided with the proper guidance by expert teachers, the team of students will autonomously research, brainstorm, and pitch the client their ideas. By using a design thinking approach we ensure you will get in touch with students of different disciplines when developing innovative ideas during design and prototyping sprints.

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  • BeVegan
  • GIS
  • Jive
  • Belgian Alliance for Climate Action

During your programme you will receive intensive coaching by our teaching staff and other experts, both face-to-face as well as online – via Canvas our online learning platform. As you progress through the programme, the coaching will change from a very guided approach to an independent and autonomous process where you will have room for self-exploration.

Testimonial student

Next to activities on campus, we offer online learning experiences allowing virtual exchange between people of different nationalities and cultures. Thanks to our partner the Sharing Perspectives Foundation, you will have the opportunity to develop 21st Century skills needed to thrive in today’s diverse, connected and online world. During the Innovation Management course, you will conduct field research and present your findings in an attractive manner during an international study trip.

We play by the rules of the COIL methodology, Collaborative Online International Learning. With this new teaching and learning technique, we stimulate the development of intercultural competence. Educators from different countries develop a shared syllabus that emphasizes experiential and collaborative student-centered learning. This way you will experience the challenges of global cooperation and communication firsthand.

As a member of Euprera (European Public Relations Education and Research Association) we are able to enlarge our network at yearly international conferences. One of the results is an international cooperation with Seneca College in Toronto (Canada), which nowadays is integrated into the COIL methodology.

Learn to innovate in a high tech environment

In International Communication Management we help you channel your creativity and drive into innovation. Our Media lab and Prototyping lab provides an inspiring setting in which you are able to familiarise yourself with the latest technologies in communication and media. Prepare to experiment with augmented and virtual reality, eye tracking and artificial intelligence technology, 360° video, 3D printing, smart home devices, and voice assistants. By understanding these technologies you will be a pioneer for new ways of communicating in your future workplace.

Get inspired by lecturers and guest speakers with an international background. Drawing on tons of practical experience, they will provide you with top theoretical insights. Most of them are still firmly rooted in the professional field and their extensive expertise will help you to fine-tune your programme in accordance with your main fields of interest.

Your specific talents and interests are what matters most to us and we aim to fully develop them. Aside from courses that provide a broad basis, such as current events, economics, psychology, you will get to gradually personalise your programme. In the third year, you can opt for an expert profile and communication skills of your choice, to steer your future career in the direction you want. Your efforts and expert profile now will determine which doors you will open later.