International Organisation and Management

Before: International Office Management, Taught in English, 180 ECTS, 3 academic years, Campus Kantienberg

Who are you?

You care about current global issues and are fascinated by languages, people and other cultures. As an open-minded yet criti­cal thinker, you easily adapt to ever-changing surroundings. Those passions and qualities will lead to a successful career in an international company or abroad.

What do you want to learn?

You understand that communication skills matter and will develop those easily in courses like ‘Intercultural communication skills’ and ‘International business ­English’. Master at least two foreign languages at a professional level and learn the basics of management, planning, marketing, law, graphic design and copywriting.

What do you want to become?

It will not take long before you are the one to keep international companies and organisations up and running. As a global, multilingual citizen with an open view, you thrive in intercultural environments, manage complex problems and optimise procedures and processes.

What to expect?

International practice
Theory is good, practice is better! We have all it takes to inspire you: you can expect an internship abroad in your final semester, innumerable company visits and guest lectures, groundbreaking field trips abroad, internationally oriented cases and virtual collaborations in international classrooms.

Internationally-minded fellow students
Artevelde University of Applied Sciences relies on a broad network of partner institutions in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. This enables attractive and enriching exchanges. Coming from diverse backgrounds and roots, your fellow students all have a decidedly global world view. A great opportunity to improve your language skills, hear other points of view and work together on cases and projects.

Personal approach
Your programme focuses on elementary business skills and attitudes, such as a hands-on approach and a flexible attitude. To facilitate your learning process, you can take a lot of classes in small groups.

Broad focus on business and languages


A natural born linguist? Then you should really consider this programme! Learn to communicate like a pro in English and in two other foreign languages. Opt for German, Spanish, French or Chinese. Or join another foreign language course of your choice at an external accredited institution. Follow your heart and pick up Korean, Arabic, Swedish or any language that tickles your fancy.

Do I need to be fluent in English?
As International Organisation and Management is taught entirely in English, you will indeed need to master it sufficiently. You can prove your language level through one of our own language screenings or provide us with a certificate of our approved language skills tests.

What about other languages?
If you pick French as one of your foreign languages, make sure to have an intermediate level already. For any other foreign language you do not need specific prior knowledge, just a keen interest to learn and a can-do attitude.


In a rapidly changing digital world, it is crucial to know how to deal with the latest information and media tools. Working in the cloud, starting up an e-commerce or even developing a basic website: it will all be part of your study track. You do not need to become a computer expert. But being passionate about social media, creative digital and office software will give you a great head start. No wonder these topics are key ingredients in your International Organisation and Management programme.

I am very lucky to have so many open-minded people in my class. From day one, they were all so helpful. In return, I volunteered to act as a student ambassador for the programme. I always tell people that Ghent really is a great place if you want to live and study in a truly international environment.

Federico Bonaparte (22) from Argentina - Second-year student International Organisation and Management