Speech Language Therapy and Audiology


The Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) is the professional responsible for the prevention, assessment, treatment and scientific study of human communication and associated disorders. The audiologist is the professional who prevents, detects and copes with all forms of hearing and balance disorders.
The full three year bachelor programme is taught in Dutch.

The city centre of Ghent is expecting nearly 80,000 students in the coming weeks. Therefore, starting Monday 7 September, the obligation to wear a face mask will be expanded to the student district. Wearing a mask will be mandatory for everyone aged 12 years or older in the Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat – Overpoort axis and adjacent streets. On top of that, the city calls on everyone to wear a face mask in other busy areas. That way, we continue to protect ourselves and others against the virus.

Fields of study

  • Speech language therapy
  • Audiology

Facts and figures

  • Head of department: Jeroen Martens
  • Number of students: 467
  • Number of staff: 32
  • 180 ECTS-credits

Any questions?

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Bachelor of Speech Language Therapy and Audiology
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