The content of this digital seminar is specifically interesting to health care (education) professionals: lecturers, tutors, researchers, services for lifelong learning, partners in the work field, partners from our international networks. 

Also students interested in these topics are welcome to join.


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By Dr Patricia Claessens (Dean) and  Evelyne  Eneman (international coordinator)


Keynote : “High Fidelity simulation and Shared Virtual Reality: education by immersion”


During the Keynote session Dieter Vyt will inspire us in taking interdisciplinary training to the next level.  ‘How do we create an authentic and realistic learning environment that’s safe for participants and patients?’   ‘How do we train the “Human factors” in clinical reasoning?’  And ‘What is “Shared VR”?’  Dieter will introduce us also to the development of an interdisciplinary game.


Choose your session of interest (during the online registration step) - 45 minutes


An introduction to 3D-printing in healthcare

In this session, led by Tom Neuittiens, you’ll get an introduction in the world of 3D-printing and answers to questions like: Which 3D-printing techniques exist? What is the production process of 3D-printing? What do I need to start with 3D-printing? Which medical applications can be made with 3D-printing? We also offer insight into the way we organize training in 3D-modeling and printing at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences.


ENVISION: Virtual gaming simulation

In her project ‘Envision’, Pascale Vander Meeren will explore the possibilities of accessible online virtual simulation. In this session you get a taste of virtual gaming simulation by means of the Meal Assistance game. Find out how the principles of simulation can be integrated in virtual simulation- Test your clinical reasoning and communication skills- Give your expert opinion on the branching of scenario H5P- and many more


The digital health care professional

One of the learning outcomes from the 21st century skills is digital literacy: the professional bachelor can use  information technology for  work as a professional. A healthcare professional should stay up to date with digitalization in their field of work, be critical about it and use it in a proper way.  Thibault Messiaen will explain you how this is embedded in the Bachelor Nursing program and how students can acquire these competences through the use of a Serious Game.


The Idea-factory: stimulating innovative ideas and entrepreneurial skills of students in the field of Health and Care

From his role as Idea-factory coach in our expertise network, Christophe Wille explains to you how entrepreneurial students are structurally supported in in their development. The Idea-factory offers concrete support for students with innovative ideas, both intra- and extracurricular. Besides an introduction into how our ‘Ideafactory’ stimulates entrepreneurship among students, Axana Bael, one of our students who started her own project, will share her personal story.


Can e-portfolios enhance competency-based workplace learning in low-income countries? Lessons learnt from a qualitative pilot study in midwifery education in Rwanda

Low-income countries face a critical shortage of competent midwives. Competency-based midwifery education (CBME) holds the best promise of developing competencies and improving patient outcomes. Mieke Embo and Hilde Degrave explain you how this study explored midwifery students’, mentors’ and supervisors’ perceptions about the generalizability of an e-portfolio designed upon an evidence-based Continuous Workplace Learning Competency Framework. The study was conducted between the University of Rwanda (UR) and the Artevelde University of Applied Sciences in Ghent. The results are valuable for all healthcare professionals and educators, interested in workplace learning at home and abroad.


Break with music by our students


Pitching our research findings in break-out rooms
During this 1 hour time block you switch from pitch to pitch every 15 minutes. Get inspired!


Moving Cancer Care - Marie Crabbé

Exercise during cancer? It is feasible, effective and safe! Now it is time to motivate patients, support professionals and expand the offer.


How care professionals perceive clinical leadership - Sabrina Nachtergaele

Thematic analysis of clinical leadership led to eight characteristics describing a clinical leader in a Flemish nursing home (responsiveness, vision and commitment,…) Besides, the thematic analysis defined four factors determing the environmental context of a nursing home which  influences the functioning of a clinical leader.


Building capacity in Russia and Kosovo: improving and sustaining health and well-being in communities – Filip Dejonckheere

SUSWELL is a capacity building project in Russia & Kosovo with support of 7 European partners. The project aims to develop 5 Communities of Practice (Cop), multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder, between Higher Education, NGO's, business and public authorities to improve social innovation in health and well-being.


Diabetes & WELLbeing - Ruben Vanbosseghem

The DWELL (Diabetes and wellbeing) international project developed a 12 week programme to put the person with type 2 diabetes in the driving seat of his life.


Is my smartphone too loud? -  Tom De Neve

The aim of our study was the development of age-specific and individualized norm setting for determining optimal volume levels for personal music players. Because just as one set of headphones is not the same as another, neither is one ear the same as another. 


Meet-and-Greet with our bachelor programs & … much more !

Choose your session of interest! (during the online registration step) - 1 hour


Bachelor program of nursing (Isabelle Ratiau & Lien Beyls)

Recently we developed a new nursing curriculum which is characterized by a strong focus on 21st century skills. One of our main didactic principles is ‘integrative learning’.  During this session we would like to share some concrete examples of our approach.  Subsequently, we want to exchange best practices with all attendees. Through this event we hope to inspire each other in our continuous quest to optimize our education. 


Bachelor program of Midwifery (Hilde De Grave & Veerle De Frène)

We welcome everyone with interest in our Midwifery Programme. First, we will present our educational and research programme. Subsequently, we will organize breakout rooms about education, internship and research looking for mutual (multidisciplinary) interests and possibilities to collaborate in education and research.


Bachelor program of Speech Therapy & Audiology ( Veerle Waelkens, Melina Willems & Griet De Smet)

We like to welcome everyone with interest in collaboration with our Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology. First, the curriculum of both our educational programmes will be presented, with the main focus on our International trajectory “My Global Mind”. Subsequently, a discussion will be organized, in two breakout rooms - one for Speech Pathology and one for Audiology – where we would like to interact with you and hear from your side what your institution offers in regard to Internationalisation


Bachelor program of Dental Hygiene (Carlotta Picardi & Jean-Marc Mullie)

"Promoting oral health even during corona-times? The Artevelde bachelor in dental hygiene makes it is possible. We would like to welcome everybody who is interested in oral health, our educational programme, and best practices. During the session we will present our curriculum, oral health promotion activities and how we virtually collaborate with colleagues abroad, shortening the distances. Furthermore, we will present our research project “Mooi Zo!” which aims to use artificial intelligence to give personalised oral hygiene advice! "


Bachelor program of Podiatry (Sabine Verschelde & Eva De Mulder)
"Cancer patient: what’s missing?"

Oncology is, among diabetes, growing in incidence and has an impact on every health care system in the world. A huge multidisciplinary team has the challenge to help, treat and hopefully cure the patient. It’s also a challenge in education to keep an eye on every discipline taking care of these cancer patients and include them all in this educational process. The presentation will focus on the multidisciplinary approach with cancer patients and we will look at where the opportunities are to expand this subject into higher education because these aspects need to be included in basic educational programmes and in future research too.


Bachelor program of occupational Therapy (Mike Jarrey, Marc Adriaanse & Karen Van De Putte)

Here at the occupational therapy programme we have been busy the last few years with our new curriculum. A few examples of good practice we’d love to share with you are our ICFO days and our BOT’s project. Curious? Well, think corona-proof and think global. These projects bring our home students and our partner students abroad together in discussions and workshops around themes that reflect the current thinking in todays occupational therapy world.


Expertise Network Health and Care (Filip Dejonkheere & Evelyne Eneman)

In the expertise network Health and care at Artevelde UAS, we have been offering international short term modules with participants from all over the world for several years. We would like to present these modules to you. In addition, we share some tips and tricks on how to get started (both online and offline) with these intercultural groups.  Finally, we also present a COIL project idea with the aim of preparing students going abroad for internships or studies.

16.45 - 17.00

Closing session with music by our staff members