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Presentations Conference

 (Herbert Roeyers)

 (Lisa Herman - Valérie Van Hees)

(Bart Peeters - Roel Vuegen)

(Wim Gabriels and Dominique Montagnese)

(Dominique Montagnese)

(Anna-Lena Claeys-Kullik)

(Dominique Montagnese)


Panel qualitative support for students with disabilities in the various countries: on the way to inclusive education

A panel of international experts will inspire participants with strategies, policies and case studies that improve inclusion and the student experience of students with disabilities in higher education and international mobility programmes.




Dominique Montagnese is Expert on Inclusive Learning Mobility for SIHO. He has been involved in several projects and initiatives connecting Erasmus+ mobilities, social inclusion and inclusive mobility at large. Great examples are the MappED! project and the Inclusive Mobility Alliance project which aimed at making Erasmus+ and international mobility programmes more inclusive for students with disabilities.





Marija Mitic is Policy Officer at Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) where she has worked since 2014. Marija’s responsibilities at ACA include a wide variety of tasks characteristic of an association and think tank such as ACA – from diverse membership-oriented activities, project and event management, policy analysis to representation of ACA in Brussels and globally. Marija’s interest and expertise lie in intercultural learning and diversity studies, EU lifelong learning and education policies, as well as EU’s international cooperation in higher education, especially EU-Western Balkans relations. Marija is a member of the EAIE Access & Diversity Expert Community, dedicated to promoting inclusive international higher education.



Kostis Giannidis is the President of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), the leading student organisation in the field of academic mobility, representing more than 300.000 international students around Europe annually. Before he joined ESN he had the chance to take part in the Erasmus+ program where he experienced the transformative power of studying abroad. As the president of the Erasmus Student Network, Kostis is advocating for accessible and quality academic mobility for students around Europe and beyond.



Anna-Lena Claeys-Kulik has been working at the European University Association (EUA) in Brussels since 2011. In her position as Policy Coordinator, she contributes to ensuring coherent policies for universities as well as overall policy development and managing cross-cutting issues with policy relevance. This also includes the coordination of the INVITED project on “Strategies towards Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Universities” which EUA jointly conducts with the European Universities Continuing Education Network (EUCEN) and with support from the European Students’ Union (ESU). Between 2011 and 2016 Anna-Lena worked on project management and policy development in the area of university funding and governance at EU.



Marijke De Pauw is Legal and Policy Officer at Unia - Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities. Marijks is part of the disability department, which is the independent monitoring body for the CRPD in Belgium. She obtained a PhD at the Fundamental Rights and Constitutionalism Research Group of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Her research mainly focused on international human rights law, with a specific focus on the rights of persons with disabilities and the rights of the elderly.


Judith Jansen is Program Director of the Dutch Expert Centre Handicap + Studie to stimulate the participation of students with disabilities in higher education. She prefers (art) projects that promote awareness and positive perceptions and aims at inclusive education. She was also involved in the initiative to establish Disability Studies in the Netherlands.


Innovative support tools for students with disabilities

At this year’s conference, together with international organisations, SIHO will be showcasing innovative tools that assist students with disabilities to feel connected, resourceful and competent to participate in higher education and international mobility programs.


Roadmap is an on demand and interactive personalized online support system in which students with autism can easily access reminders, notes and customizable guidelines with coping strategies on topics related to life and learning as a student in higher education. A handy logbook in which energy and stress levels, and daily experiences can easily be recorded, and a well-arranged planning agenda, fully support students to organise and monitor their learning and student activities. Roadmap can be used individually or in combination with supervision. Students can map their own support team and can easily contact their student counselor when and where it’s needed. The personalisability of the tool ensures that the content offered can be fully tailored to the unique needs of each student.

From 2019-2020, the online tool Roadmap will be available for all students with autism spectrum disorder studying at Flemish Universities and Universities for Applied Sciences and Arts.

Roadmap is an initiative of SIHO in collaboration with Ghent University, the King Baudoin Foundation and the Academic Collaborative Centre for Autism.


Through the Book-a-Book application, the Support Centre for Inclusive Higher Education (SIHO), makes digital versions of textbooks easily available for students with disabilities studying in Flanders (Belgium). A transparent website, with a well-arranged catalogue of the already available books and a simple form to request new books, makes it possible to easily meet the needs of all students with disabilities from Flemish Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts. In order to meet the needs of incoming international students with disabilities, the application will also be available in English. 

Book-a-Book is an initiative of SIHO in collaboration with the Flemish Governement, KU Leuven Libraries Central Services and LIBIS, a service of the KU Leuven with more than forty years of experience in offering reliable, flexible and – at the same time – innovative solutions for libraries, archives and educational, research, heritage and public institutions. To deliver a good service, SIHO established sustainable collaborations with Flemish and international publishers.

Students with disabilities are underrepresented in mobility programmes. During the EPFIME-project an international consortium and experts will develop an online platform called where everything is to be found about Inclusive Mobility for national authorities, practitioners, and students with disabilities. Connected to existing MappED! platform, national authorities will be able to register their information on regulations, policies, and support services. The outcomes of this project will stimulate a better and in-depth collaboration of the different stakeholders and ensure/increase the quality and transferability of support services among European countries. In the long-term, the project will allow for an increase of students with disabilities participating in international exchange programmes