Further training and study days

Short Courses

International Business Management is opening its doors. As of academic year 2022-2023, the following four units are offered separately through a credit contract. These in-depth short courses will get you ready for the labour market.

Leadership & Inclusion

For eight weeks, you will immerse yourself in the world of diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace. You will tackle real cases from companies like Volvo Cars, learn from experts and work with Danish exchange students from Business Academy South West (BASW). As icing on the cake, you will pitch your own ideas and recommendations to the professional field.

Afterwards, you will be able to lead teams and organisations towards greater inclusion. This is important, as today's workplace is more diverse than ever. Companies are doing everything they can to attract and retain multicultural talent, and you are an important link in the chain.

Global Challenges

Migration, overpopulation, gender fluidity, the protein shift, trade, etc.: many global challenges have an impact on businesses. In this unit, you zoom in on the consequences for the workplace, but you also think about how organisations can contribute to solutions.

In an international class group, you take part in a simulation game, debates, coaching sessions, company visits, and so on. Guest speakers and authentic cases show how companies, governments and civil society organisations are already tackling these challenges today.

Digital Business

Many companies are still lagging behind when it comes to digitalisation, leading to a high demand for digital experts. Because whether it is about optimising your business process, stimulating diversity or tackling environmental challenges, the benefits of digitalisation and new technologies are countless.

In this unit, you focus on digital marketing and business models, tech ethics, new trends and inclusive communication. By applying the principles of design thinking, you formulate concrete recommendations for companies such as Barco, SalesNote and SupportSquare. Thanks to the renowned Google certificate you receive at the end, employers will be lining up for you.

Entrepreneurship Lab

How do you bring an idea to the market in a short amount of time? And how do you make your company grow afterwards? The answer: by learning in the safe environment of this unit and getting support from student-entrepreneurs, international entrepreneurs, KBC Start It and other accelerators. You will also be provided with countless handy tools to do smart business.

At the end, you show a professional jury that you have made four mindset shifts: you put your customer first, you learn to deal with failure, you start a company and let it grow and you learn to deal with feedback and cooperate with others. The focus is always on the process, not on the end product.

Would you like to know more about these four units or register right away? Contact Eef Hast at evelien.hast@arteveldehs.be.