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3ID LABS (English)

In Belgium as well as in Europe and worldwide, the societal, cultural, economic and political context changes rapidly and affects living conditions. Dealing with diversity, acting towards inclusion, developing sustainable interventions, advocacy of the most vulnerable people, influencing policy, framing and reframing are just some of the challenges that need to be overcome.

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Gentrepreneur Awards 2019: genomineerden Inspirerend initiatief

Recent highlights from 3ID LABS

For the third time, 3ID LABS receives "Summa cum laude” from its students

During the first edition of the 3ID LABS, a survey was conducted by the quality assurance department among our students. Topics such as content, guidance, teaching method, etc. were reviewed. Our first edition received an 8.9 / 10 from our students.  

Our second edition 8.4/10 and our last teams rated us 8.7.

We are very curious to see if we can continue receiving this high mark in the future!

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