International Semester Programme

Artevelde Business School (English)


Can I acquire 60 ECTS and study at Artevelde Business School during a whole academic year?

It is certainly possible to study at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences during a whole academic year - please talk to the international office of your home school.

To know what your programme would look like, please contact Hilde Eeckhout.

Do I get a certificate of attendance after my period at Artevelde Business School?

After the courses and the exams (or assignments) a transcript of records with grades and ECTS-credits will be sent to your home institution.

What happens if I fail a course during my study period at Artevelde Business School?

Erasmus students are assessed in the same (correct and honest) way as Belgian students.

If you would fail one of the courses, you will get the chance to retake your exam. Second chances will be organised:

  • after the autumn semester: in the first week of February
  • after the spring semester: in the first week of July
  • We will not organise second chance exams in any other form or manner.

Who will help me if I encounter problems during my study period at Artevelde Business School?

At the beginning of your semester at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, the international coordinator will show you around the campus and will tell you where to go with certain problems or needs.

The international relations officer, Hilde Eeckhout, is on campus most days and you will be directed to the right service or person to help you.

Will I get an Artevelde University of Applied Sciences email address?

Yes, you will. As communication between staff and students and among students takes place via the internet students are offered a user account to make use of during their stay. You will receive a username and password when you receive your student card. You will need this to log into your email account and to use the electronic student platform.

Will I get an Artevelde University of Applied Sciences student card?

Exchange students receive a student card for the period they study at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences Ghent. This card can be used to get student discounts at specific places inside and outside the university of applied sciences, e.g. cinemas, restaurants, bookstores, cultural events, etc.

Do I need a visum to come and study at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences?

Depending on your nationality, you may need a visum or permit to come and study in Belgium, Ghent. We strongly advise you to go to this website and check on the procedure: . Take into consideration that the procedure could take some time, so please start it as soon as possible (May for the Autumn semester, November for Spring semester at the latest), in order to have everything ready before the start of your semester in Ghent. Most of the documents you will need can be downloaded from the application platform (Mobility on Line), but in case you need specific documents, ask .

What are the language requirements ?

As an ABS-exchange student, you will get all your courses in English, but what’s more: you will have to work in team, make presentations and write assignments. Most exams are written as well. Hence, a very good knowledge of English is required. We ask your international coordinator to add a language certificate: TOEFL (minimum B2), CEFR (minimum 72) or IELTS (minimum 6), unless you are a native speaker of English, obviously. In Ghent you will not have to worry about the language: although inhabitants really appreciate if you address them in Dutch (the local language), everybody (fellow students, staff, shopkeepers, city administration etc..) will be able to communicate in English.

What if I have to be back at my home university before the end of the exam period at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences?

We know that academic calendars may be different from ours. In some countries (Norway, Poland, USA, Canada…), the Spring semester already starts in January, which coincides with the examinations here in Ghent. For students who can certify (by their exchange coordinator) that they have to leave Ghent before the end of the exams, we have a special arrangement, allowing them to do the (written) exam at their home university, under supervision. In case of oral examinations or assignments, an individual rescheduling is possible.