International Semester Programme

Healthcare Studies (English)

Healthcare studies offers a unique opportunity to meet students and staff from different countries, cultures and professional backgrounds to discuss and debate issues concerning the present and future role of healthcare workers.


'Healthcare Studies' is an English taught semester programme, organized in Spring and Autumn.
It is developed for students of Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Midwifery, Speech and Language Therapy, Podiatry, Audiology and Dental Hygiene.

How to apply?

Online application for Spring semester 2023 opens on September 1st 2022.

Deadlines for Spring semester 2023:
- Nomination before October 1st 2022
- Application before November 1st 2022

Online application for Autumn semester 2022 opens on March 15th 2022.

Deadlines for Autumn semester 2022:
- Nomination before April 15th 2022
- Application before May 15th 2022


'Healthcare Studies' is a modular based programme, offering exchange students up to 30 ECTS.