International Semester Programme

Social Work for a Challenging Society (English)

Added value of this programme

“Social work for a challenging society” offers you a broad and useful perspective on the Social Work profession.

The programme is embedded as much as possible in the regular curriculum and so incoming students learn together with other international as well as local students.

The courses are related to our core learning paths such as ‘analysing social reality’, ‘creating social work’, ‘empowering service users’, ‘working policy oriented’, ‘developing professionalism’…

Topics such as e - social work, bio ethics, professional development are experienced as new and challenging. They confront from another perspective on the Social Work profession, mostly seen as different from the home institution.

Global and local Social Work and the bachelor project are interactive with the work field and so firmly enjoyed by the students.

Influencing and realizing policy opens a broader view on Europa while urban storytelling is focussing on communities.

The programme is diverse and well structured. Teachers are sincerely interested in the students and create a warm hosting environment strengthened by a personal approach.