Supported Employment Coaching (Dutch)

Supported employment coaching is synonymous to job coaching. The coach works for vulnerable citizens who, like everyone else, want to capitalise on their talents in an appropriate job. He works for employers who see opportunities in employing people who are just a bit different. The government also wants to let vulnerable people participate in the labour market, only they don’t say how. This Postgraduate Course Supported Employment Coaching, however, does just that.

The city centre of Ghent is expecting nearly 80,000 students in the coming weeks. Therefore, starting Monday 7 September, the obligation to wear a face mask will be expanded to the student district. Wearing a mask will be mandatory for everyone aged 12 years or older in the Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat – Overpoort axis and adjacent streets. On top of that, the city calls on everyone to wear a face mask in other busy areas. That way, we continue to protect ourselves and others against the virus.

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Campus Kantienberg
Rebecca Peel