I-KNOW-HOW: Integrated KNOWledge & coaching service to support people with cancer in How to remain Or return to Work


The overall objective of I-KNOW-HOW is to facilitate people who receive a diagnosis of cancer to remain or return to work by co-creating and piloting new services for employers, employees, (para)medical professionals and job coaches.


We will develop 3 innovative services, in co-creation with the different stakeholders:

  • A coaching service for employers including (i) a toolbox to implement pro-active policies and practical procedures supporting return-to-work measures for employees with cancer , and (ii) a training programme for HR professionals and managers.
  • A job coaching service for employees with cancer consisting of (i) an optimized job coaching model assembled from different good practices from the 2 Seas area and (ii) a training programme for job coaches.
  • A user-friendly online interactive information service tool using innovative 3D narratives. The perspectives of the different stakeholder groups (employers, employees, (para)medical professionals and job coaches) are interconnected. The narratives are based upon in-depth interviews with the stakeholders and are used as a portal to more detailed information.


By means of these innovative services we intend to increase the percentage of people with cancer who remain or return to work by 15% and we will shorten the period that the employee is absent of work given the right adaptions by the employer and with support from a job coach and the (para)medical team. For the 2seas area, this implicates that 4.889 extra people with cancer will remain or return to work. These return-to-work programmes will reduce the costs for both employers and government substantially.


Artevelde University of Applied Sciences collaborates with 8 organisations: ZB| research institute and library of Zeeland, Rother Voluntary Action, Starpoint Inclusive Entrepreneurship, Green Tiger,  HZ University of Applied Sciences, Emino, The Sara Lee Trust and Oscar Lambret Center.


Pleace contact Elise Pattyn for more information: elise.pattyn@arteveldehs.be

This project is funded by the Interreg 2 seas program. The project name is I-KNOW-HOW, an acronym for Integrated KNOWledge & coaching service to support people with cancer in How to remain in Or return to Work.