Idea factory

Arteveldehogeschool Centre for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Belgium - Good Practice in the creative industry.

Idea Factory wants to challenge students, staff, alumni, national and international partners to find answers based on new ideas within a rapidly-changing educational context. To take the lead in this process, the Arteveldehogeschool Centre for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Idea Factory) was set up in 2011 as a knowledge centre contributing to the university of applied sciences’ strategic objective: “to sow and stimulate creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship among students and employees”.

Idea Factory Arteveldehogeschool

Each of the centre’s 16 school departments has its own Idea Factory project officer. Curricula have been updated to introduce relevant skills for entrepreneurship. Idea Factory creativity officers facilitate brainstorming sessions, support teacher training in creative thinking and offer inspirational lectures to enhance creative and entrepreneurial actions. Significantly, support is also provided to students and young graduates wishing to establish their own startup companies.

The Idea Factory initiative provides an interesting example of how creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship can be mainstreamed across a wide range of learning areas, thus contributing to the development of creative skills among graduates and future professionals in different sectors. Creating such structured links to creativity in the university of applied sciences system can prove invaluable in breeding a new generation of entrepreneurs.