Our research vision

Artevelde University of Applied Sciences is a centre for research and development. We dedicate ourselves to practice-oriented research, that contributes to educational innovation, modernisation, professionalisation of the work field and social services.

All projects are set up in collaboration with external partners such as governments, companies, civil society, national and international consortiums, networks, etc.

Practice-based scientific research

Researchers, students and external partners collaborate yearly on research projects to translate societal problems in practical solutions.

Valorization – the implementation of research results in society – is an essential strategy for practice-based research. Therefore, the results and expertise achieved during PSR-projects are deployed as much as possible in the societal field by organizing activities such as education, training, consultancy, coaching,counselling and follow-on research. All these are realized both pro-active or at the request of partners – always tailored to the needs of our partners.

Science communication

Another aspect of our social mission is to introduce research and science to the general public. With our many activities in science communication, we reach children, adolescents and adults and introduce them to various domains in science and technology.

Domains of expertise

  1. Education
  2. Business and Management
  3. Health and Care
  4. People and Society
  5. Communication, Media and Design