Communication, perception and conceptualization

For years, the media and IT-world have been pleading for a user-centered design when developping applications. It is difficult, though, for designers to gain access to the environments of users.

Therefore, in the process of analyzing and designing communication channels and techniques we focus on that environment. More specific, we look at the interaction of the actor with the environment, the relation towards several communication forms and the complementarity of these forms of mediation.

Our expertise is applied in three areas

Online communication

Development of communication techniques through applications for micro enterprises, SMEs, healthcare, education and social work.

Conceptualization and applications

Combination of graphics with the development of online and offline communication, informational and didactic products, targeted for various age groups through a wide range of applications.

Media literacy 

Providing tools for people to better protect themselves from information and communication techniques and content in a world of media.