Training, education and youth cultures

This area of expertise aims at the well-being, the growth and development of each child and youngster.

The child or youngster is approached from the environment in which they function and by which they are influenced: family, childcare, school, leisure activities, peers, youth movement, …  The interaction with this environment is an essential starting point for this programme.

In this area, three themes are involved

Pedagogical, didactic and diagnostic innovation 

The broad development of all children and youngsters is aimed at, and the utmost consideration is given to the various talents of each individual. This means we give preference to developing and supporting active learning and materials that corresponds to the talents and interests of each child and youngster as closely as possible. We try detecting signals that could indicate a disturbed or delayed development so interventions can be carried out sooner.

Professionalization, management and organization development

This focus area is based on the strong tradition we have in developing and offering professional development trajectories for teachers, internal school counsellors, management and policy staff members, school boards and other education stakeholders such as counselling services, education inspectorate and educational publishers. It is extremely important that the policy and the school team should cooperate well. In order to obtain this, collective learning by all team members is necessary, and also between colleagues who are active in other age groups and in other subjects.

Living environment and world view

This focus area emphasizes the economic and cultural situation of children and youngsters and their perception and it connects the individual with the social level. The individual approach strongly examines the mental and physical well-being of children and youngsters. The social aspect is reflected in a strong concern for the question of equal opportunities.