Our practice-oriented scientific research is strongly connected to the professional sector, science, education, and society.

Research at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences results in well-substantiated, inclusive, and motivating products, methodologies, and services which diverse stakeholders can actually use in practice. Encouraging innovation and creating impact, regionally as well as internationally, are key.

Our practice-oriented research results in the development of innovative products, services, processes.

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Thanks to our expertise and practice-oriented approach, we are the perfect partner in research and innovation. Via our domains of expertise, we gather our knowledge across various disciplines, so together we are capable of strong innovation.

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Artevelde UAS has diverse labs that each focus on the desires and needs of a specific knowledge area, and that let you discover the latest technologies and innovations. Our experts will work with you on a specific question, formulate practical recommendations, and develop custom prototypes. These labs are open spaces with room for experimenting, co-creation, and creativity. Find out what they can do for you.

Media Lab

The Media Lab is a place where people and technology meet. The Media Lab lets you have a taste of technology and user research, and encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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Design and Prototyping Lab

In the Design and Prototyping Lab, digital designs can quickly be converted into cheap testable prototypes. In that way, you increase the usability and success of your digital development.

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Sim @ art

In the Immersive Lab, we use high-fidelity manikins for research and training in the most diverse environments: from a busy train station to a penthouse that is on fire. In the Observation Lab, qualitative camera registrations are used to study our own as well as external care innovations.

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Foot Health Lab

In this lab, you are welcome with research questions related to podiatry. These can be research questions on products (like safety shoes, silicon pads, ankle braces), but also application (for instance a scan of fingernail curvatures). Research, testing, and tailored advice.

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Audio Lab

In the Audio Lab, we do accurate measurements of headphones, earphones, hearing protectors, and headsets. It is equipped with a GRAS 45BC-13 KEMAR with a mouth simulator, high-frequency ear simulators (up to 20 kHz), and anthropometric pinnae.

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Become a care architect! Fab Lab is a cooperative workplace where developers, researchers, and care professionals collaborate to create smart and accessible care innovations, tailored to their care users. 3D-printers, VR-glasses, laser cutter, … You name it, we've got it!

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With our mobile research lab, we make an effort for outreaching and accessible custom research. We come to you to experience the context with a flexibly equipped lab tailored to target group and research or development question. The equipment of the lab is aimed at three basic functionalities:
1) joint observation (measuring, registration, etc.)
2) joint thinking (brainstorm, co-creation, etc.)
3) joint creation (3D printing, STEM, etc.)

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