The Artevelde University of Applied Sciences hopes you will enjoy your stay in Ghent. Everything you need to know about accommodation is to be found here. Please read the information below carefully, in order to be well prepared for a pleasant stay.

On the private market

  • If you want to rent a student room in Ghent, we advise you to start your search on the private market as early as possible. The best and least expensive student accommodations are in high demand + limited. More information can be found on:
  • ATTENTION: be aware of internet fraud! Especially when you find an offer via Facebook. In case of doubt, please contact our Housing Department in advance.
  • The prices to rent an accommodation in Ghent average from €400 per month for a standard room up to €600 per month for a studio with bathroom and cooking facilities (utility costs included). Make sure that you know if there are other extra costs or final settlements (e.g. gas, water, electricity, internet, maintenance, etc.) prior to signing the lease agreement for the accommodation.
  • The landlord will probably ask you to pay a security deposit before the start of the lease. The amount is maximum equal to two months rental fee. Your security deposit will be refunded at the end of the lease if the accommodation is in its original state. The security deposit can be paid through international transfer (use the IBAN and BIC or SWIFT codes).
  • HINT: Never pay a deposit in cash.

In dormitories of the Artevelde University of Applied Sciences

  • Unfortunately, all rooms for the autumn term are allocated and many are already on the waiting list.
    That is why it is no longer possible to register for accommodation through our service.
    We advise you to look for a room on the private market.
    The above mentioned web pages can help you.
    We are of course always willing to answer your questions about the rental market in Ghent or about the content of a lease.
    Good luck and best regards
    The Housing Team of the Artevelde University of Applied Sciences
    Questions? +32 (0) 9 234 92 16
  • Exchange students who will attend our university in the spring term can still apply for a room online

Accommodation grant

A type of grant for students in dorms who meet four conditions: the travel between your home and the campus – door to door – is at least 60 minutes by public transport (or you are in dorms due to specific social circumstances, e.g. motor skills disorder, big family, etc.), your nationality condition, your rental contract is at least 8 months AND you are a scholarship student, partial scholarship student or non-scholarship student with an income of maximum 7 500 euro above the maximum limit to receive a student grant from the Flemish Government.

Your application must be submitted from 13 November 2019 until 1 June 2020.

Other important information

Housing Department Artevelde University of Applied Sciences

If you have more questions concerning accommodation, please contact:
Housing Department, Hoogpoort 15, B-9000 Gent, BELGIUM
TEL: + 32 9 234 92 16 - E-mail

ATTENTION: we are closed during weekends and holidays: Autumn holidays, Christmas holidays, Spring holidays, Easter holidays and Summer holidays. If you arrive in Ghent during the collective holidays, or on Saturdays and Sundays, you are responsible for accommodation yourself: search for housing in Ghent. The accommodation service and the international coordinator of your department can be contacted again the next working day.