Admission requirements

In order to be admitted to the English degree programme of your choice, you need to add the following required documents to your online registration:


You need to possess a Flemish diploma of secondary education or a foreign diploma/certificate of secondary education that gives access to higher education in Flanders or abroad (country of origin).

After applying for the programme, students with a foreign diploma will be asked to send us a certified copy of the diploma and transcript of records (secondary and/or higher education).

  • The diploma and transcript has to be accompanied by an official translation into Dutch, English, French or German if the original diploma is not in one of these languages. 
  • A ‘certified copy’ means that it is certified as authentic by the institution that issued it.

These certified copies must be sent, by the educational institution itself, in a sealed envelope to the following address:

Artevelde University of Applied Sciences
Admissions Office
Hoogpoort 15
9000 Ghent

Proficiency in English

In addition to the required diploma, you also need to prove your level of English is at least B2*. You can prove your proficiency on the basis of a language certificate.

    Language certificates accepted by Artevelde University of Applied Sciences

    Otherwise you will have to present one of the English language certificates from the list below. These certificates or diplomas must have been issued within the last two years to be valid.

    • TOEFL test: score of at least 85 - institution code: B527; (NEW: TOEFL special home edition)
    • IELTS test: score of at least 6.5;
    • ITACE test: at least Level B2 for all completed components!;
    • Cambridge English Advanced certificate: at least Level B2 for all completed components;
    • Cambridge English First certificate: grades A, B, and C;
    • Cambridge English Business Vantage certificate: grades A, B and C;
    • Cambridge English Business Higher certificate: at least Level B2 for all completed components;
    • Cambridge English Proficiency certificate;
    • IB diploma (Diploma Programme);
    • IGCSE (awarded by Edexcel, at least three IGCSE O Levels + three IGCSE A Levels);
    • Artevelde University of Applied Sciences Certificate*.

    *Language screening tests organized by Artevelde University of Applied Sciences

    The language screening tests organized by Artevelde University of Applied Sciences will be held on the following dates:

    • 16 September 2020 (IOM/IBM) - Test on Campus


    The language screening test at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences (free of charge) consists of:

    • a two-hour test on reading comprehension, listening comprehension and vocabulary;
    • a speaking proficiency test with an examiner 

    You must obtain a B2 level for all parts (reading, listening, vocabulary and speaking test) in order to pass our English screening test.


    For the following programmes, please register for a language screening by sending an e-mail mentioning your name, address, telephone number and date of the screening test:

    A €40 no-show fee will be charged if you don’t show up to your scheduled language screening test.
    You cannot take this test a second time if you fail. It is however still possible to take another English test at an external test centre (e.g. TOEFL).


    You don't need an English language certificate if you can demonstrate that you have finished your complete secondary education in one of these countries:

    • Antigua and Barbuda;
    • Australia;
    • The Bahamas;
    • Barbados;
    • Belize;
    • Canada (except for Quebec!);
    • Dominica;
    • Grenada
    • Guyana;
    • Ireland;
    • Jamaica;
    • New Zealand;
    • Saint Kitts and Nevis;
    • Saint Lucia;
    • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines;
    • Trinidad and Tobago;
    • United Kingdom (minimum three GCE O-levels + three  GCE A-levels OR minimum three GCE O-levels + Edexcel BTEC level three  Extended Diploma);
    • United States of America (High School Diploma with a Transcript of Records mentioning at least four APs (Advanced Placements).

    APS (only applicable for students from the People’s Republic of China)

    Students with a Chinese diploma need to have the APS certificate when applying at a Flemish higher education institution. The APS certificate is a condition for obtaining a student visa from the Belgian Embassy or the Consulate General in the People's Republic of China. The APS screening is not an academic selection procedure, but is meant to avoid document fraud and to guarantee an adequate language level.

    In order to start up the procedure, students need to contact the APS administration in Beijing (